June 1, 2018

5 Ways To Feel More Relaxed

As someone who suffers from anxiety, relaxing is something I find quite difficult. Stress and anxiety tend to come hand in hand and even when I’m not particularly anxious about anything, I’m still stressed so I spend a lot of my time trying to find something…anything, that can help alleviate the symptoms I’ve probably tried so I thought I’d share my top relaxation tips to help combat those shitty, stressful days.

01. Go for a walk – It’s no secret that exercise is good for the soul, the endorphins from even light exercise can be so beneficial at combating stress. I have Hypermobility Syndrome so sometimes exercise just isn’t feasible but on good pain days where I can get out even for a short walk I always feel so much better, especially on bright sunny mornings!

02. Get a massage – A massage is a great way to relax your body because more often than not, when we are feeling stressed out, our body is tense as hell and a good massage can help really relax the muscles.  Click here for great savings on massages.

03. Read – Whether this be a book or a magazine, reading can be a great way to take the focus away from something stressful and onto something else. I have been loving the magazine Breathe, it’s such a breath of fresh air compared to your regular gossip and celeb magazines. It’s filled with positivity and wellbeing; everything you need to help you relax.

04. Listen to music – I have a whole playlist dedicated to songs that help me relax, in fact I have various playlists. Music is a bit hit and miss for me, sometimes it will help me relax amazingly well but other times the noise just stresses me out even more. There is a fine line for me with this one. Here is a list of my go to songs when I’m feeling stressed:

Holocene | Bon Iver

City Of Angels (Piano Version) | 30 Seconds To Mars

Mercury | Sleeping At Last

Heavy Rope (Acoustic) | Lights

Alps | Novo Amor, Ed Tullett

Carry You | Novo Amor

Atlas: Touch | Sleeping At Last

Saturn | Sleeping At Last

05. Journalling – I have always loved journalling, I don’t think there has been a time in the last 9 years where I haven’t had a notebook on the go. I’ve always found journalling very therapeutic whether it be writing a diary or bullet journalling.


What are your favourite ways to relax?

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11 responses to “5 Ways To Feel More Relaxed”

  1. Lisa says:

    These are lovely! I love to just sit in the garden to feel more relaxed especially after a hot sunny day and just relaxing at night with a cold drink and a blanket. Might do it tonight and take my laptop out to work! x

  2. Maisie says:

    I love Breathe magazine too! I only discovered it last month I think it was but I really love it! I’m trying to get back into my books this year too as it’s my favourite way of chilling out and taking a step back from reality! x

  3. Caz says:

    Love these ideas with people nowadays always ina rush nice to see ideas to relax think we forget how to do it. I’m away to get my dusty book out should of finished months ago !

  4. Oh how I would love a massage, the last time I had one I was heavily pregnant with P and it was pure bliss.

  5. Kelly-Anne says:

    One of my friends read this magazine so I think I may have to find out what’s it’s all about. I like to read when I try and relax but then I get too relaxed and fall asleep. Ha

  6. Rebecca Fisher says:

    I can have such bad anxiety aswell so a post like this is brilliant for the days that I need a bit of help with relaxing x

  7. Bon Iver was my go to artist for when I was having a stressy day, I’ve not listened in years though (*quickly runs too update Spotify playlist*)….

  8. Georgia says:

    These are great ways to relax! I love going for walks too and sometimes like to just sit down with a hot cup of tea/coffee when Stanley’s either away or napping! The simple things now

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