July 26, 2018

Eloise’s Gallery Wall

We are well and truly smashing the interiors this month, not literally thankfully but we have really made a dent in what needs doing. Eloise’s room has been top of the list for a while and not long ago I spoke about wanting to create a little positivity space in her room and I have finally got round to doing it! We wanted a little nook she could read or just chill out in and I love this little space so much. Long gone are the MLP posters (not that she’s had them up since she was 4) because I wanted to create something inspiring and grown up because El is 8 going on 18.

Eloise has a very vintage style vibe with modern touches going on in her room and we wanted to run with that because I think it’s so versatile, especially as she grows up. Everything we have done so far is easily adaptable so we aren’t needing to completely rehaul her room as she grows out of things. So we have some swirly florals, some more modern abstract prints as well as some digital portraits.

All Print designs by Tulip + Moss

Framed Prints…

All of these (except the “Stay Weird” print which is from Desenio) I drew digitally or painted myself. I wanted a good few hand-lettered quotes up there as well as illustrations, I loved the idea of having a little digital drawing of both girls so I whipped this one up and had it printed by Cheerz. Eloise is so pleased with it! This only cost £21 with the frame included which I thought was pretty good! I know sometimes you end up paying an arm and a leg for getting things printed but price wise, these guys are pretty sweet with deals for multiple prints.

The large 4 picture frame I got printed by Cheerz too, I loved how you could choose to have one photo or a bunch of different ones in one frame. These were again designed by me, Eloise opted for a couple of patterned illustrations as well as a little rainbow and an “E” and I love how it’s turned out. I’ve never had any of my illustrations printed before so I was quite worried about how they would look in the flesh but I’m pretty pleased.

You can also get canvases and photobooks printed with Cheerz too as well as magnets and every sized print you could possibly want. I ordered these through the app which was much easier than faffing on a website.

I have a discount code for 20% off at Cheerz until 20th August 2018, just type in GEEGARD20 at checkout.

Unframed prints…

I prefer mixing things up a bit when it comes to gallery walls, I don’t like them all to be framed the same way so throughout El’s room we have various different hanging methods including sticks and washi tape, which is my new favourite thing. Not only does it mean mixing them up is a lot easier it also means less damage to the walls which is always a bonus because if there is one thing I hate that is filling holes with pollyfilla. Plus there are so many different colours and patterns you can buy, I get most of mine from eBay apart from the gold one which I got from Desenio.

Again, all of the unframed prints were designed by me, some printed by Cheerz and others are watercolour paintings.

You can buy my personalised constellation prints on my Etsy shop, each one is painted to order. Use the code GEEGARDNER10 for 10% off.

What was your bedroom like when you were a kid?