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One of last months goals was to get cracking with my gallery wall and that, I have. In fact, I have also added another feature wall in the bedroom so I’ve been preeeeetty busy. I’m also in the process of putting one into Eloise’s room too, I want a little nook full of feminist vibes for her. I love gallery walls, can you tell? Hah! I think what artwork you choose can really make a house a home and as we are unable to paint for another 6 months because our house is a new build and it’s not advised to paint or wallpaper the walls of new builds in the first year which sucks because I am absolutely dying to paint this place up, artwork has been one of the only ways we can make this place our own! Anyway, I’m waffling now so here is a little peek at what I’ve been doing to add our own mark and jazz up the gross magnoila.

Hallway Gallery

We have quite a long, narrow hallway which isn’t quite wide enough for a side table but is long enough to need something to avoid it looking plain as hell. I wanted to go quite unique with this one, just picking up artwork I loved as I went along kind of thing, no real theme or anything and I’ve stayed true to that. So far we have the Mikah print from Posterlounge as well as a vintage painting of St James’ Palace that I picked up at our local tip (it has a charity shop attached to it and there are always hidden gems in there!). I used a vintage frame I also found in a charity shop to frame See, which is another gem from Posterlounge. It’s a simple yet interesting brush stroke silhouette. I love how it is so different to the other pieces on the wall.

I wanted to incorporate as many textures and styles as I could so we also have a macrame hanging too which I added a little quartz crystal into and I love how it breaks up the framed prints and brings a little bit extra to the wall. There are still quite a few gaps and frames I want to switch up a bit but it’s getting there.

Bedroom Gallery

The gallery in the bedroom I wanted to be a bit more daring. Our bedroom doubles up as my office too so I wanted something that would be empowering and you all know how much I am into the whole body confident thing so I bought some tasteful nude prints. The first one is aptly named Nude which is also from Posterlounge, I love watercolours and I just thought this one was so lovely.

My next choice was yet another piece from Posterlounge, it’s a beautiful abstract called Thoughtfullness and I just love the strong outlines and how the entire print is such a contrast next to Nude whilst still standing out against the Desenio “G” print. I went for this is the Forex purely because I didn’t want it in a black frame. I thought it would blend in with the G and look too samey so close together. The Forex prints came with a metal mount which you literally stick to the print itself which I thought was super useful! The different materials really mix things up a bit because I find when everything is framed it can look a bit too similar for my liking.

I am in love with the I Am Fierce print by eillustration. I love it beyond words, in fact, I love all of Evangeline’s illustrations, they scream female empowerment and her entire vibe is amazing and her instagram is full of more beautiful illustrations.

Last but not least, I bought this print from Dorkface. I bought a lovely little alien notebook from her for Eloise last year as a Christmas gift which I love! Again, this print has more very positive vibes which I love for this little corner. I love how the yellow contrasts with the blacks and pastels but makes Nude fall into the collection with its yellow tones. I’m still on the lookout for a few more prints for this little nook!

Living Room Art

I don’t have a gallery wall as such in here yet although I’m thinking of creating one in a corner maybe…? Similar to what Kate La Vie has done (her home is actual goals) with that little nook filled with a little vertical stream of artwork. I love that so much. At the moment we have Mischka and Mikado, from Posterlounge again. These are from the same collection as the Mikah print we have in our hallway which I think helps blend these nicely into the bottom floor of our home. I love the colours and these are the shades we want to paint this room anyway so they’ll look even nicer once all that is done.

So, that’s it for this little art gallery post! I am far from being completely happy with it because there are a lot more I want to add and lots of frames to fill but I’m really loving how it’s all starting to come together.

Have you got any hidden gems in your home?

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  1. July 20, 2018 / 5:29 am

    I love how you’ve put together an art wall for each room, I have one in my bedroom and it certainly brightens the place up. I adore Dorkface, her art is amazing and I’ve got quite a few dotted around the house which I’ve collected over the past few years.

    Sharon xx

  2. July 22, 2018 / 6:08 pm

    Beautiful pieces. We’re redecorating as I type so I’m constantly on the look out for how to make my house more chic, cute and much more me!

  3. July 30, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    Oh wow so much gorgeous art work! I’m always for looking at new pieces I can add to my home x

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