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If you told me not long ago that I’d be posting photographs of me in underwear for anyone and their cat to see I’d probably have laughed in your face and asked if you were on glue. Being in the blogging world, especially when you branch out to beauty and fashion niches can be pretty damn hard on your self-esteem at times. We all have our confidence wobbles and when we are putting ourselves right out there then it’s almost impossible to not fall into comparing everything to other people online.

Before you carry on reading, I want you to scroll back up and look at my photos above again. I want you to really look at them, what do you think?

I have a point to this, bear with me…


What I think of them

  • My stomach looks big and very much like the failed jelly bunny rabbit I made for one of Eloise’s birthdays.
  • I hate the tops of my arms, always have. Since lugging Lily around the muscles have got bigger with an over-generous layer of fat over the top. I hate how a lot of my old tops are too tight in the arms now.
  • I have a fivehead – a foreheard but extra.
  • My belly button looks like a saggy old arsehole.
  • My ribs have rolls.
  • I have a permanent resting bitch face that makes it look like I’m about to feed your Nan to tigers and eat your puppy for breakfast.
  • I hate how naturally pale my skin always looks even with fake tan.
  • My hair is such a boring colour and it’s always so limp and knotty. I haven’t had it properly cut for like 8 years because my anxiety stops me going to the hairdressers.
  • My nails have such a shit natural shape and I hate them.
  • My right eyebrow has a scar through it and it makes my eyebrows look wonky as hell.
  • My boobs are more stretch mark than boobs.
  • Same for my thighs, claves, everwheres.
  • My nose is weird.
  • Even my ribs look like they have cellulite.

I’m going to stop now but basically, you get the picture. I bet none of you thought of that many negative things about my photographs. I originally wasn’t going to post these because the more I looked at them the more I hated what I saw. But that is my point because I bet you didn’t pick out every single one of the points that I did.

More often than not, when we scroll through Instagram, Facebook, whatever, we come across other people’s photographs and marvel at how effortlessly beautiful they are and end up feeling shit about what we see in the mirror at home. It’s easy to sit there and pick at every tiny little thing about our own photographs but when we sit and look at other peoples, we are so much kinder to the point we don’t even realise 90% of the details they can probably pick out themselves. If I had a penny for the number of girls on instastories who apologise for looking like shit because their hair isn’t styled or their make up isn’t on, which I am also guilty of but why are we apologising? No one in the entire world has their hair and make up on fleek every second of every day so why are we saying sorry to strangers on the internet when they are more than likely sat watching your story with a Mum bun and several questionable stains on their top.

We compare every single detail of ourselves to what other people choose to share on the internet. We are comparing our unpolished, everyday moments to someone else’s highlight reel and well, we just need to fucking stop.

Now I don’t say that lightly because I am massively guilty of doing this but as I’ve shared my life with your guys for longer, the more I realise that we are far too hard on ourselves but we have got to remember that those girls that we think are effortlessly beautiful in those perfect little squares are doing the exact same thing as us.

So next time you find yourself scrolling through endless, perfect squares marveling at a complete stranger’s flat stomach as you suck in your stretch mark covered mum tum or lusting over how great she looks in clothes you would never have the confidence to wear, just remember that you’re not alone. Life is far too short to be hating the thing that keeps us alive, you are beautiful and you can wear that damn crop top if you want to because fuck it. Be more you.

be your own beautiful

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  1. August 6, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    Hot mama! I didn’t notice any of those – you look amazing x

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