10 Things That Have Made Me Smile In July

I’ve kind of slacked with my more personal posts lately and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this month as I’ve started a lot of new projects and I’m still getting to grips with spinning more plates but I’m feeling a little better about it all now things are falling into place.

I thought it would be good for me to reflect back over last month at the little things really, things I probably would have forgotten about had I not written them down here so it’s a bit of a rambly one today. I do love looking back over these sorts of posts, I think it puts things into perspective a bit doesn’t it and sometimes when you lose your way a bit it just helps, you know?

10 things that have made me smile in july…


The Pollen Levels

The end of July (so far) have seen a huge reduction in the pollen levels and I’ve been really loving not constantly feeling like I want to rip my own sinuses out. Just in time for my 10 Tips for Surviving the Hayfever Season blog post to go live…typical.


Opening My Etsy Shop

After lots of chickening out followed by lots of planning and lots more painting, I have finally launched my Etsy store, Tulip + Moss! A few of you might already know I have had an art Instagram for a little while now and I have been painting, designing and illustrating for people but I have finally taken the step from hobby to a job! I have always wanted to do something arty and an artist was my first choice in infant school so 4-year-old me would be super proud of me right now. At the moment I have some constellation paintings for sale but more will be added in due course including logo design and personalised illustrations.

Smashing my upcycling projects

Despite the fact that this had been on my goals for actual months and I hadn’t so much as bought the paint to start them all, in just over a week I have managed to paint our kitchen table, dining chairs, kitchen trolley, El’s dressing table, chest of drawers and bedside table. The latter two I actually bought this month too for a fiver each! I love finding cute vintage style furniture for actual pennies!

Couch to 5k

After downloading the Couch to 5k app probably like a month ago I have finally started it although I chose probably the worst day to start because it was about 1 billion degrees but I managed it quite easily minus the sheer oven that was outside. I don’t know what I expected really but because I’ve not been super active in so, so long I full on expected to die from exhaustion but I only died from the heat. I do miss exercise, I used to ride horses all day and do ballet in the evening but that would probably end me these days. I’m slowly building things up in the hope can get a bit fitter without completely sending my body into a relapse or dislocating something.

Designing and Illustrating

This month I’ve been taking time away from blogging and doing more art and design related things. I have a bunch of projects on the go and I’m super excited about them all. I’m soon to bring some sibling/baby digital portraits like the one I did for Eloise’s room into my Etsy shop soon, I have 4 on the go at the moment and once I’m done with them they will go up as examples for my stock photos! I love drawing them so this is making me really excited. To check out some of my latest art/design work follow Tulip + Moss on Instagram.



This one may be kinda sad but I absolutely love a good storm. I know not long ago I was wishing the sun to stay but I’m mighty glad it’s fucked off for a bit because I was DYING. I’m hoping for more rainy days because I am so done with the muggy heat. Plus is there anything better than lying in bed listening to the rain hit the windows and wafts of that summer rain smell. Nope? Didn’t think so.


Lily Say saying “love you”

I can’t believe not long ago we were worrying so much about Lily’s delayed speech because she doesn’t shut up now, basically. She went from a handful of words to eleventy billion over about 2 weeks and since then she hasn’t stopped. She will copy words when asked most of the time now and her latest phrase is “love you”…along with “oh God!”, haha.


Strawberry Picking

We have gone strawberry picking at our local farm a couple of times this month and the girls loved it. The place we go has raspberries too and the cutest little bouquets of garden flowers and I just love it there! Good job really considering my strawberry plant keeled over but who doesn’t love picking fruit on a lovely summers day?


Jani Winning Love Island

Call me sad, I don’t give a fuck. This is the first year I’ve really bothered paying attention to Love Island and I was hooked within a few episodes. Last year I shunned it because, well, it looked like a pile of shit but this year I was so invested in it I can’t even explain. I don’t know what I enjoyed the most really, actually watching it or discussing every detail in group chats, haha. Jack and Dani were the most deserving winners for sure!



I have been waiting for AGES for this. Well, a year. I love Orange is the New Black SO MUCH. I binge watched the first two seasons in a week back in 2014. Actually, I think it may have been 2013, I forget. Anyway, I love this show so much and even though I’ve become less and less fond of Piper, I love the other characters and it just does everything for me. I am yet to start the new season because Lily has been ill and we haven’t had a chance to sit down and properly watch it so I’m still waiting so no spoilers, please!

What made you smile last month?




  1. August 2, 2018 / 9:18 am

    Meeting Becca has made me so happy this month! Tried to view your insta but the link didn’t seem to work but I love your artwork.. glad you had a pretty good July 🙂

    • August 3, 2018 / 8:13 pm

      Thank you for letting me know about the link lovely. It should be ok now xx

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