50 Blog Post Ideas For Parenting Bloggers

Whether you’re thinking of starting up a parenting blog or you’re already a few years down the line, wherever you’re at in your blogging journey, you’re going to hit a wall at some point, it’s inevitable for every writer. Bog standard writer’s block, a week of no sleep, teething, there are a plethora of reasons us Mums lose our blogging mojo. Coming up with new content is quite possibly one of the most difficult parts of running a blog, I know I struggle sometimes!

I have a habit of coming up with new ideas and saving the titles as drafts never to be opened again, I think my draft count stands at about 173 at the moment which is both a blessing and a curse. I find having a lot of ideas sat right in front of me useful but a lot of the time I don’t have the motivation to write about that particular thing anymore. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my draft ideas with you, as well as some posts I’ve already written and other ideas I think are great topics to help you out of that dreaded blogging rut!

01. Baby Updates – Monthly baby updates are a lovely read and also a great way to keep track of the little things as your baby develops.

02. What My Toddler Ate Tuesday – I ran this series on my blog for quite a while last year, it proved very popular and I’m thinking of bringing it back in linky form soon so keep your eye’s peeled if you’re interested.

03. Your pregnancy journey – Whether it’s following your current pregnancy or a past pregnancy, these posts are always popular.

04. Pregnancy complications – Did you need steroid injections, maybe your baby had IUGR, you had gestational diabetes or maybe you had to have a growth scan. Telling your story and writing about your experience can help other Mums who find themselves in your situation.

05. Breastfeeding or formula feeding tips – Maybe you had trouble with CMPA and found a perfect formula or have some breastfeeding tips to share. Perhaps you just hate the drama surrounding feeding and want to give your thoughts on it.

06. Kid OOTD

07. What baby/toddler can say – A great way to keep track of the little things, I forget so easily these days and I love looking back over my posts about Lily and I’m always reminded of something I’d forgotten.

08. Nappy reviews – It takes a little time to find the right nappies for your baby so sharing your finds can help new Mums find what nappies are great and what ones are not so great.

09. Tags – There are loads of parenting blogger tags out there including The Mummy Tag and 10 Baby Names I love But Won’t Be Using. These are great for when you’re really stuck!

10. Weaning recipes – Write some posts with your favourite puree or BLW recipes!

11. Your birth story

12. Newborn Essentials – Write about all those must-have items for surviving the newborn stage!

13. Gift Guides – New Mums, Mums-T0-Be, babies, kids, Baby Showers, anything!

14. Pregnancy Essentials – What are you must have pregnancy items?

15. Your TTC story

16. Baby names you love – Share your future kids’ names or even the ones your babies were nearly called. Anything name wise goes!

17. Top 10 – Toys, books, apps, snacks, anything!

18. Body Positivity – This is a topic that crops up a lot in postpartum posts and it’s a great one to cover!

19. Whats in My Changing Bag

20. What’s in My Hospital Bag/ Hospital Bag Checklist

21. Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding tips – We all know that either method leaves Mums a bit overwhelmed so any tips you can share would go down a treat!

22. Your baby’s sleep routine – Does your baby sleep through? Does your baby never sleep? Do you co-sleep? Sleep train? Don’t want to sleep train? Have a nocturnal baby? Chances are there are many other Mums in the same boat. Sharing your tips and experience with different sleep methods is bound to help another Mama!

23. DITL – Or “Day in the Life”, a step by step log of your day as a Mum!

24. Your favourite pregnancy/baby apps

25. Pregnancy Updates – Weekly, monthly, trimesterly…that’s not a word but you get me, right?

26. The Mama Tag

27. Mummy Confessions

28. Hair Care Tips for Busy Mums

29. Product reviews – Baby food, bath products, highchairs, pushchairs, baby bouncers, anything!

30. Reasons My Toddler is Pissed at Me – We all know toddlers get pissed off super easily in sometimes, for the most hilarious reasons…

31. Back To School Survival Guide – Share any back to school tips you may have for those first days at school or nursery!

32. Teething Essentials

33. A letter to your kids – I filmed a Letter To My Daughters not long ago which went down well!

34. Post about a day trip you went on with your children – The Zoo, The National Trust, Peppa Pig World, wherever! It will be useful for others to see a review and it will be a lovely post to look back on!

35. Baby Clothes Haul – I love a good haul!

36. BLW For Beginners – Share your knowledge

37. Self-Care For Mums

38. Baby Food Haul 

39. If your child is old enough, let them write a blog post for you

40. Your cleaning and organisation tips – We all know parenting comes with a hefty load of cleaning. Share your favourite products or tips and hacks.

41. A Day in Photos – Post your day in only photographs, they do say a picture paints a thousand words, don’t they?

42. Write about your child’s birthday – I’ve written about Eloise’s 7th and 8th as well as Lilys 2nd we have had and It’s lovely looking back at everything all in one post!

43. Sensory Play Ideas

44. Summer Bucket List

45. Write about how you met your other half

46. A day in the life written by your child – If your child is older getting them to do a guest post can be super fun.

47. Your child’s bedtime routine

48. Your Parenting Hacks

49. A room tour of your child’s bedroom/nursery

50. Write about your favourite parent bloggers


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