August 14, 2018

August 2018 Goals

I’m coming in with this mega late this month, my bad. Artwork has un-mojoed my blogging mojo a bit so I’ve been sitting on posts instead of writing them because I’ve just not had the time or motivation. I smashed all of my July goals minus get a Monstera plant but that was not through lack of trying because I did go shopping to look for one, that counts right? Anyway, I’m going to keep my search going this month but can I get a high five for smashing the rest of them?

August Goals…

01. Cook at least one new recipe each week

I’m a creature of habit and get stuck in food ruts a lot. I do try and meal plan but most weeks I either forget or just fancy something else but I always end up with a more successful shop whenever I do plan our meals. Anyway, I want to try out at least one new recipe a week to keep things more interesting and less of a rotation between a handful of the same old same old.


02. Reach 2,300 on Twitter

Seeing as I smashed last months Instagram goals but 53 more than my target I’m going in with a Twitter goal this month. I am currently (as I write this) at 2,288 so I think it’s doable. I don’t like to go crazy with follower goals because the struggle is real right now.


03. List more artwork on my Etsy

If you follow my blog/socials/life/etc then you will probably know I launched an Etsy shop last month – Tulip + Moss. At the moment I just have my constellation paintings up but I’m working on some digital portraits that will be used as stock images so they should be up super soon. I’m always wanting to bring out some quote typography type things as well as logo designs. I’ve done a handful of logos already and I’m loving it! Hit me up if you want any of those things!


04. Write more blog content

I’ve been slacking a little bit on here lately, mainly because I’ve had so much artwork to do and although I enjoy it, a lot, I don’t want to neglect my blog so this month I’m going to get my blogging mojo back, whack my headphones on, throw on some Megadeth and get some blog posts written!

05. Start doing monthly favourites again

I don’t think I’ve posted about my monthly favourites for a good couple of months which is quite unlike me because normally these posts are my favourite, they’re definitely one of my all-time favourite reads. For the past couple of months I just haven’t really been inspired to post my own, a mixture of not really falling in love with anything new that I hadn’t already posted about but mainly because I just didn’t have the motivation to post one. I do want to get back into them because I feel like I have quite a few things I’ve not posted about before that I’m loving now hopefully I can get my favourites groove back!

What are your goals for August?

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