August 16, 2018

DIY | Up-cycling Old Furniture

Over the past couple of months, I have been really concentrating my interior design mojo on Eloise’s room. She’s getting to the age now where she wanted a bedroom that was a little bit more grown up without being too grown up if you get me? She still loves her Littlest Pet Shop figures, Horrible Histories, and stuffed animals but also loves crop tops, memes and conspiracy theories…yeh. Awkward not quite a kid but not quite a tween so we wanted to go for something that wouldn’t need redecorating in a year. I can’t believe I’m even writing that because she’s getting so grown up and it’s totally not allowed because she was about 3 not long ago, what has happened.

Anyway, the furniture she had in her room was, well, shit to be honest. Flat packs, moving a lot and kids don’t mix.

I’ve already done a couple of blog posts about Els room if you want to go and have a little read –

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Choosing the furniture

For Eloise’s room, we wanting to run with her love for retro designs which just so happens to be amazingly cost-effective because most people are wanted to give away the “ugly” vintage chest of drawers their Nan gave them. I think the most expensive piece of furniture we have bought for her room cost £10 which was a plain IKEA desk. That is, unless you count my old dressing table which I gave to her which was quite expensive but I’ve upcycled it so I like to think that doesn’t count.

We picked up a gorgeous vintage wardrobe for £5 off a Facebook selling page which I have talked about before and slowly collected some more horrendously cheap vintage furniture to match her vintage, retro style.

The 3 pieces I have up-cycled in her room so far are:


Chest of drawers

I bought these drawers off a local eBay seller for £5. They’re solid wood with beautiful brass handles and I love them! It was the icky vintage varnished mahogany colour before so we sanded it down, well, I say we…Ben sanded it down and then I painted it because although I do like the icky mahogany on some pieces of furniture, this would have been overkill varnished brown in Eloise’s room. We wanted it to look vintage but with a modern twist so her bedroom didn’t end up looking like someone’s Nans childhood bedroom.

Paint used: B&Q Silk Emulsion in Dusky Pink


Dressing Table

Although this looks vintage, it actually isn’t. It’s only about 6 years old and from Very online. It had previously been used as my desk for the most part and had moved house with me 4 times so it had been knocked about a bit, to say the least. The edges were chipped and the handles on the drawers were loose and broken.

I repainted the entire thing and replaces the drawer handles with purple glass crystal ones from Door Furniture Direct. I love the colour of these so much, they remind me of amethyst although I’m not sure whether rose quartz colour would have gone better with the pink.

We used the Valspar paint range in B&Q for most of these upcycling ventures, the colour selection is amazing and this shade is the most beautiful grown-up bright pink.

Paint: Valspar Wood & Metal in Dance The Flamenco

Bedside Table

Last but not least I picked up this beautiful ugly vintage bedside table from the same seller I bought the chest of drawers from, again for a fiver. I love vintage furniture mostly for the workmanship, they are always she beautifully made, none of this flat pack shit that breaks in seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, I bloody love IKEA but every damn flat pack furniture we have bought for the kids’ room ends up completely buggered. Call me sad but I also love a piece of furniture with a history. Els wardrobe is at least 100 years old and it’s in good nick, her old one was from IKEA and lasted a year and a half but was more than 20 times the price we paid for her one now.

Paint: Valspar Wood & Metal in Twice Shy

I have a rather large collection of other furniture waiting in the up-cycling queue which may have to wait now the weather has turned but I have a big stack of Valspar sample cards to look through, the selection really is amazing. We also still have the walls to go which I’m also going to go with Valspar for because if their emulsion is anything like their wood and metal paint then it’s gunna be good. At the moment I have jazzed up one wall with washi tape and Eloise loves it! I can’t believe how much nicer it looks with a few bits of tape dotted about but that little corner is getting to be very Pinterest worthy for sure. I get my washi tape off eBay, each roll is normally under two quid so this cost me about £6 and I used maybe 1/4 of each roll. We went for black and white stripes, black polka dot and neon pink and I love the way it looks!

Eloise’s room wise we still have some finishing touches we want to get done as well as the actual painting but as I mentioned in previous blog posts, this place is a new build and we still have a few months to wait before we are meant to paint the walls although I’ve not seen any cracks forming so far so I think we are in the clear, to be honest. There are things like taking her curtains up a few inches, mounting a TV on the wall, some more DIY crafty bits but I plan on blogging about them too so expect some more posts like this in the near future! Someone virtually kick my ass if I start slacking on this again!

Have you done any up-cycling in your home?

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  1. Maisie says:

    Please let me come live in your house? Haha! It all looks amazing! I deffo have the DIY bug now! Also, how beautiful is Eloise! x

  2. Alice says:

    This is such a cute post! I recently moved house so I’m slowly trying to get everything unpacked and looking good. Up cycling is definitely one of my favourite things to do, saves so much money too!xx

  3. Fab post – it’s actually inspired me to take a look for furniture I can upcycle as opposed getting new furniture! I love the colours you’ve used, Eloise’s room looks amazing!

  4. Wow you are a genius!! These pinks are perfect I wanna do it to my room! Not sure my man would be very happy about it tho haha!

  5. Sarah says:

    Well.. I am now jealous of a childs bedroom! I love the colours! I havent done much upcycling in a while.. need to get the old paint brushes out!

  6. Shola says:

    Such a lovely blog post!!

  7. Kelly-Anne says:

    Oh these are such good ideas. I wish I was that artistic about upcycling.

  8. Gemma Louise says:

    I’m dying to do some up cycling of old furniture but I never see anything I like being sold near me, I need to look harder! Everything looks so cute x

  9. Jade Wilson says:

    I love a good bit of up cycling! I wish I had more time to do it! These prices are gorgeous! I LOVE that hot pink!

  10. Aghhh I would’ve died for a room like this her age! Looks amazing darling you did such a good job! Adding colour and changing the handles is such a good idea – the desk looks super new and SO glam! x x

  11. This is such a good idea! All the furniture looks gorgeous!

    Lauren |

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