August 27, 2018

Does White Noise REALLY Help Kids Sleep? | myHummy Review

myHummy Fleur with app

If you’ve read my blog for a while you will have probably read about our struggle with Lily’s sleeping at some point. Lily is 2 and a half and at first, she was a pretty good sleeper, she woke for feeds obviously but from birth to about 2 months old she was a pretty damn good sleeper, every few hours on the dot kind of thing and I think she may have even slept through a few times but once we hit about the 2 and a half month mark, shit got real. And when I say shit got real, I mean it got to next level sleep deprivation level.

Bit of background, we co-sleep which I honestly feel is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, without being able to lie down to breastfeed her I would have probably ended up falling asleep holding her and that shit doesn’t even bear thinking about. Co-sleeping has probably saved my sanity but it is absolutely not the same journey I had with Eloise.

Eloise was an okay sleeper, not amazing, not terrible but at about 7 months she would not sleep in her cot for love nor money. I ended up co-sleeping with her full time and she slept like a saint. By 2 she would nap on the dot every day in bed and would be asleep by 7:30 pm every night. Lily, on the other hand, has to be held to sleep for her nap in the afternoon and doesn’t go to sleep until at least 10 pm. This isn’t too much of an issue because she just comes up with us and sleeps in a bit in the morning but ideally me and Ben would love to actually spend time with each other as just us. Lily has other ideas, obviously.

Waking with every noise

Some nights she will go down no bother with some milk and others she will be hyped up on nothing and take an age to go to sleep. She’s also an incredibly light sleeper, stirring at every sound which means we can’t even turn over in bed without waking her most nights. To be quite honest, I’m genuinely surprised I’ve not died from lack of sleep over the past nearly 3 years because OMG. Many a night I have found myself Googling “how long can you stay awake without dying” and variations thereof, I was knackered. We’ve tried lavender scented baths and that Lush Sleepy cream which helped her drift off but didn’t help with the night waking. We started to notice that although she still wakes, she generally sleeps better in the summer than in the winter and the only noise difference is that we have fans on at night.

White noise

When Lily was a newborn she would only ever fall asleep when there was some sort of continuous background noise, whether that be a video or the TV, people talking or white noise. We had a white noise toy for her which we put on every night that seemed to really help although it only played the sounds for a certain period of time, I think it was only about 10 minutes at a time, meaning it was an actual nightmare having to constantly turn this thing on for her to start waking up every 10 minutes when it went off. It also wasn’t washable and well, you can guess how that turned out.

We turned to play it on our phones but as anyone with an iPhone knows, when they are charging they get ridiculously hot when running an app which always worried me after seeing horror stories of phone batteries exploding. We then got a Google Home which allows you to play white noise or rain sounds which are great but again, it only plays for a certain amount of time so we knew that wouldn’t work either. Fans all night every night also wouldn’t be feasible because one the colder nights we would freeze.


I had been seeing so many glowing reviews for the myHummy brand in general and so I thought it was really worth a shot with Lily, I mean it couldn’t make her sleeping worse could it? Anyway, Lily was very kindly sent Fleur who she chose herself. Fleur from the teddy bear range with little floral details which remind me of the beautiful Liberty of London prints I also adore. Lily was besotted the second she lay eyes on her and this little bear has been carried around pretty much everywhere by her since, even jumping in giant puddles in the garden which led to some very soggy legs on both Lily and Fleur. This was my main bugbear with other white noise toys we have had in the past, and they are all 9/10 not machine washable. I mean who designs any toy for babies and toddlers without making it machine washable is beyond me but let’s not get into that.

Machine washable

All myHummy toys are machine washable at 40 degrees.

After the puddle incident I took out Fleur’s heart (oh that sounds grim doesn’t it), and popped her in a 30-degree wash and she came out sparkling. I was worried she would end up a bit misshapen but so far, so good. I used all my regular washing detergents and she remains unscathed.

The settings…

White noise variations:

It has several types of white noise: heartbeat, waves, rainfall, as well as a hair drier. Our favourite is the hair dryer, I feel like this is the most consistent sound which I find works best for Lily.


I love this setting, it picks up very slight noises and will start playing your chosen white noise whenever your baby stirs. I generally set it to play continuously for about 5 hours and I find Lily will more often than not, sleep pretty soundly for this stretch and then she will start to stir. I’ve literally just made that connection whilst writing this so I think I will just pop it on continuous mode now in the hope it’ll stop the early morning wakings.

Bluetooth Controls:

Another setting I love, Fleur can be controlled via the myHummy app straight from your phone so no prizing it out of little hands to turn it back on! Win!

Fade in/out:

Instead of stopping abruptly when the timer ends the sound will fade in or out slowly so the change isn’t abrupt enough to wake your baby. It will also come back on at the previously set volume so now waking them that way either. They’ve really thought of everything!

Does it work?

With sleep being one of the biggest struggles for a lot of parents with the majority of Mums and Dads at least searching for methods and products to improve their babies sleep. This demand for magic solutions means a lot of companies are jumping on the money-making bandwagon meaning there are a heck of a lot of products that claim to help babies sleep and it’s difficult to filter out the ones that don’t work. This particular myHummy white noise toy rocks in at £79.99 which puts it among the most expensive white noise toys on the market the main question is, does it work?

I asked some Mums if it worked for them:

“Yes 100% George slept much better with it. We used it when he went in his own room at about 4 weeks.” – Carla

“It literally is a sanity saver! It’s great for getting an extra hour out of them in the night as it has a really sensitive sleep sensor that settles them before they get in a state! It’s perfect for helping settle them to sleep. I couldn’t be without ours now!” – Sophie

“Bit of a grey area for us, I think it works, but I can’t be sure. A few weeks after getting it, my little one seemed to start waking more, and we realised the batteries were starting to go in the My Hummy, so it’d work for the first hour but not come back on when it sensed movement. We replaced them, and he started sleeping better in the early evening again. (he’s breastfed, so he still wakes regularly anyway). He certainly loves it and loves giving it a cuddle, but I can’t be 100% sure on how much it helps.I’ve noticed it’s stopped coming back on again (didn’t last night or the night before) and both nights he’s woken up more.” – Georgina

“Our ‘Pearl’ is the best thing that’s happened to us. She goes everywhere with us. Miyah used to wake 5-6 times a night and now not even once. Pearl is Miyah’s best friend.” – Rebecca

“Ours is amazing. I swear by it. We’ve used it since George was a few weeks and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. If he wakes up we just turn it back on and he drifts back off. The only downside is that it eats through batteries, so I would definitely recommend buying rechargeable ones if you have the option.” – Fern

Does it work for Lily?

Lily is breastfed still so she wakes for feed in the night, it’s mainly a comfort thing now but basically 9/10 of the times she wakes during the night she needs me to drift back off. She is a very light sleeper for the most part and will wake and stir if me or Ben even so much as move our feet so you can imagine the nightmare of having a 2-year-old attached to my tit all night. Since having her myHummy I have noticed a huge difference in the time it takes Lily to settle in the evenings as well as a reduced amount of night waking. Now it hasn’t got her sleeping through but it has definitely improved her sleep. I forgot to turn the bear on for a couple of nights and she literally did not settle until 1 am and then woke every half hour or whenever we moved. Realised what I had done and turned the bear on the next night and she was out like a light and slept 5 hours solid until she woke for some milk and then went back to sleep for another few hours so it does definitely help.

I think a lot of people associate these white noise toys with newborns but let me tell you, I’m 27 and these are magic for helping even me get to sleep so the age range for these to be effective really isn’t just tiny squishy newborns. I always struggled to drop off, especially during hayfever season when Ben sounds like a steam train on steroids when he breathes (soz Ben) but having Fleur next to both me and Lily has helped drown him out a lot.

This particular myHummy retails at £79.99 but prices start from £39.99. I’m running a giveaway for a myHummy of your choice over on Facebook and Instagram. You can enter on both to give yourself an extra entry!

Giveaway ends 10th September 2018. Good luck!

11 responses to “Does White Noise REALLY Help Kids Sleep? | myHummy Review”

  1. Sarah says:

    we adore ours, its really something i wish we had got when Robin was tiny as she really loves white noise! great review!! i think we have the same bear 🙂

  2. ALICE says:

    My cousin is pregnant and its her baby shower soon, I need to get this for her! x

  3. I’ve seen so many of these reviews recently and they sound like they’re really making such a difference to mums and dads which is amazing. I love that you’ve found other parents opinionsfor this post!

  4. Gemma Louise says:

    White noise never actually worked for us weirdly as it seems to for so many – but oh my lord, how cute is Lily in these photos I can’t cope!!

  5. Kelly-Anne says:

    Oh that’s such a great giveaway, a white noise app was everything with little lady and this looks so good. I wish I had one with little lady.

    • Gee Gardner says:

      I wish we had got one of these initially! I think Lily would have slept a lot better with one when she was tiny and I could have got some sleep over the past 2 years haha!

  6. Jade Wilson says:

    I love that it connects to your phone and that its machine washable! I can’t imagine not being able to wash it from time to time! xx

  7. Maisie says:

    Gee, can I just say, your photos are beautiful! I’ve heard so many great things about muhummy and with the bad nights we’ve been having with Tyler recently, I’m super tempted to get one! I’ll be sure to enter the giveaway!

  8. This is such a good idea – it is machine washable but so tech savvy! Also I must add your photography is beyond amazing darling! x x

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