My Current Bath Favourites

When you’re a Mum, finding time to have a nice relaxing bath is few and far between so I fully take advantage of whenever I get a chance to have a full-on, proper bath, none of this quick dunk in and out or kids interrupting halfway through and filling it with snot and pee, I’m talking the full works here. No half arsing. Tonnes of shower gel (Cowshed have a shower gel called Knackered Cow which is oh so fitting and basically me in a bottle), hair masks, face masks, body masks (do they exist?), I wanna come out that bath fucking glowing. Like a new, delicately fragranced, super smooth-skinned, glossy-haired, woman.

My current bath favourites

I am forever mixing things up but these are a little collection of my current faves:

Lush Marylin Hair Mask

I love a good Lush product and I had been after this mask for ages. I placed an online order and finally put this in my basket. I still adore my Umberto Giannini 60 Second Smooth but this is a nice one for a good long soak in the bath as they tell you to leave it on for 20 minutes. It’s primarily for blondes but I do have quite brassy tones to my hair so I’m hoping this will help them out a bit.

Lush Montelbano Shampoo Bar

I fell in love with the Seanik shampoo bar from lush about 5 years ago and I’ve not ventured away from it when it comes to packaging free shampoo. I loved it and it did everything for me but when I clocked the Montelbano bar in my Mums bathroom I had to buy it. It has a beautiful, fresh, lemon scent which is perfect for that squeaky clean feeling. It’s super moisturising too and you’re helping the planet in the process. Winner.


Umberto Giannini Pouf! Magic Wash Dazziling Shampoo

I always like to mix my shampoos up a bit because my hair kind of hates being washed in the same thing all the time. For days when I want a more clarifying shampoo, I have been loving Umerbto Giannini’s range. I have spoken about this before on here but basically, I love everything about the range and its pure packaging lust for me.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

This Milky Jelly Cleanser is my latest Glossier purchase and I am obsessed with how it makes my skin feel. The texture is very gel-like which normally I don’t get on with because I find they strip my skin too much and although I have combination skin, even the oily areas ent up dry more often than not but this cleanser is something else! I am in love with everything about it, the scent, the packaging, everything.


Imperial Leather Refreshers Shower Gel

I’m a sucker for a shower gel that smells like food and these guys don’t mess around when it comes to shower gel that smells like food. I loved their Cherry Bakewell one last year and when I saw this in Boots I literally grabbed it. No shame. These were one of my favourite sweets growing up it smells amazing! May have washed my hair in it just so I can smell it for longer.

Burts Bees moisturising Lip Mask

I have literally never come across a lip mask before this one and basically where has it been all my life? My lips get sore with anything, fans, central heating, the cold, matte lipsticks, basically anything. This is perfect for the ultimate pamper.


L’occitaine Almande Shower Oil

This shower oil has been a love of mine for years, I just love how milky it goes onto the skin. It’s been so long that the scent is nostalgic to me and I can see it staying a firm favourite for many more years too. Pro tip: It’s amazing as a shaving oil.


Liz Earle Eyebright

I love using this in the bath, mainly because I don’t have the time to sit there blinded by cotton pads any other time. Liz Earle is a brand I have loved for years and this is one of my favourites. I pop some on a couple of cotton pads (Aldi ones are the best I’ve found) and place them on my knackered eye bags and pray they work some sort of magic before I start getting charged 5p for them.


Wax Lyrical Candle in Meadow

What’s a bath without a candle? I will tell you – it’s not a bath. I had a delivery from Wax Lyrical recently and this is one of my favourites, it reminds me of summer hedgerows and my grandparents garden. I normally go for something lavender scented for the bathroom but this is a nice change I must admit.


What are your favourite bath products?


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