August 14, 2018

Planning Our Honeymoon

Honeymoon planning…

Me and Ben have been engaged for nearly 2 years and I hate to admit it but I have done next to no planning at all outside a few Pinterest boards. Planning a wedding feels like a neverending list and it’s difficult to know when the hell to start! Even just writing a list of everything you need to do is exhausting and quite frankly, I just feel like popping down the registry office and getting hitched during a lunch break and having a MacDonalds after. I’m easily pleased.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to up my game with it all and where better place to start than looking at romantic getaways? Am I right? I’ve been having a nosey on the Destination 2 website for some well-needed honeymoon inspiration and these are the locations we are lusting over!

Our Honeymoon Wish List…



Ah Italy, the country of romance. Can you get more stereotypically romantic than Juliet’s balcony in Verona? I think not. The food, the scenery, the architecture, the art, everything about Italy sounds as amazing as it looks. This would probably be my dream honeymoon destination, it’s got everything I look for in a holiday and the Romeo and Juliet thing just swings it massively for me, I’ve always loved Shakespeare and although it’s such a cliche and the ending sucked, Romeo and Juliet is the epitome of romance isn’t it?



Whenever I see photos of other peoples’ holidays to Greece the one thing I am always in awe at is just how absolutely stunning the sunsets are. I mean sunsets are stunning anyway but Greece multiplies the beauty by about a million and there is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with a glass of something cold with the one you love. Me and Ben are big on photography so the photo opps would also be amazing, the sun, the sea, the sky; the beautiful streets and amazing whitewashed walls, everything screams beauty! Not only that but Greek food is probably one of my favourites! Plus Ben would be aaaall over Ellinikos being the coffee whore he is.



Golden sand and crystal clear water and beautiful scenery. A tropical island is the dream honeymoon isn’t it really? Sun, sea, and sand are all most people ask for and with comfortably warm temperatures in the 20s, it’s not too roasting. Barbados has always intrigued me, whenever I see someone is going on a honeymoon 9/10 it’s Barbados. It looks amazing, but I think I kinda feel like so many people go there now it doesn’t feel quite as “special”, I don’t know perhaps that’s just me. It’s on our list because it’s honestly such a beautiful place.



White sandy beaches with turquoise waters for relaxing, stunning coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains and ancient temples to explore and photograph. Bali has so much to offer for such a little island but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty and the photos online are just stunning. I love the idea of exploring the hidden coves and being surrounded by the beauty of this planet. Bali is also known for its meditation and yoga which would be such a fun and relaxing way to spend time together! Plus I’d love to see Ben attempt a downward dog.


So those are our current favourites! Whether or not we go for a full on holiday abroad or a quiet weekend down south is still very much the question but it’s exciting looking at all the beautiful destinations for some inspiration!


Where did you go on your honeymoon?


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