August 21, 2018

What My Toddler Ate Tuesday | Linky


Overnight Oats

Oats, Natural Yoghurt, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries + Honey

I love making overnight oats for myself and normally make far too much so Lily ends up with some too. I put all sorts in these but mainly frozen fruit which defrosts overnight in the fridge and last a heck of a lot longer too. I also make it in empty chocolate spread jars, well, not empty but you know when you get to the bottom of the Nutella and you can’t scrape anymore out…that. If you’ve not tried overnight oats in an empty Nutella jar then you haven’t lived.


Ham + Cheese Frittatas

With Walkers Sunbites & 3/4 Banana

I picked up this book after seeing someone on Instagram talking about it, Mothers Of Daughters I think although it’s a while ago now and my memory upped and left along with my dignity as soon as I gave birth. Frittatas are amazing for getting extra goodness into toddlers, the filling options are endless. We went for ham and cheese but you can put anything in them really from tuna to mushrooms to chicken or Quorn. Anything goes!


Spanish Chicken

Tesco Meat Free Pieces in Spanish Chicken Sauce with Orzo, Broccoli + Green Beans (Vegan)

I must say, I really rate the Tesco brand meat-free pieces over the Quorn ones, they have a slight seasoning to them which is really nice and you can cook them much easier. With frozen Quorn, you need to cook it with a sauce but these you can stir fry from frozen in 5 minutes meaning they’re a lot more versatile as well as cheaper.

Everyone loved this and even Eloise cleared her plate with no fussing at all which is basically unheard of. I used orzo instead of rice purely because we didn’t have enough rice to go around but it worked really well! I think just your bog standard penne would with this too if you fancy a pasta dish rather than rice.



What My Toddler Ate Tuesday has been a thing on here for about a year now, I briefly went over to Instagram with my toddler food posts but I’m launching it back up here and I’m excited! I asked a little while ago whether anyone would be interested in joining in with these posts and quite a lot of you said you would so here it is! Don’t leave me hanging now guys, haha! I did originally do these posts every week but I figured that maybe that would be too much for a linky so I’m stretching the link up to a monthly thing.

The idea is you photograph a full day of your toddlers meals, doesn’t have to be just one day you could take your favourite breakfast, lunch, and dinner from whatever days you like because I know how easy it is to forget to take a photo of your kids food every meal for an entire day. Feel free to include your recipes, cookbooks, cutlery, or tips you have found along the way!

You can also share your toddlers meals using the hashtag #WhatMyToddlerAteTuesday on Twitter and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag me @geeegardner (3 e’s, on instagram and twitter) in any posts and stories and I will share them!

Linky Rules

01. Link one blog post per month and make sure to copy and paste the badge onto the bottom of your “What My Toddler Ate Tuesday” blog post each month. To do this, copy and paste the code below into the HTML (“text” tab on WordPress) part of your post.

02. Post the blog post on any Tuesday of the month (the link up will be open from the 15th until the end of each month.

03. If you share your blog post on Twitter, use the hashtag #WhatMyToddlerAteTuesday and tag me @geeegardner and I will RT you.

This linky will run every month starting on the second Tuesday and will then be open for link ups for 2 weeks. (I know this month is a little late but I hope you can all join in!)

I will share my favourites in next months blog post! Please let me know if you would rather I didn’t share your photos/recipes.


What My Toddler Ate Tuesday

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I can’t wait to see your posts!

10 responses to “What My Toddler Ate Tuesday | Linky”

  1. Maisie says:

    Ooo yay I am 100% going to join in with this!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Robin literally eats nothing, she’s at that fussy stage where it’s yoghurt, spaghetti hoops and biscuits, once she gets out of that I am 100% in board with this linky

  3. Rosie says:

    wow your todler has a better diet than me hahaha

  4. Jade Wilson says:

    I love doing overnight oats but never thought of using empty Nutella jars! If it has a small amount of chocolate involved im in!

  5. I adore overnight oats, I’ll have to try this recipe for myself haha! x

  6. Cally says:

    that vegan chicken dish looks so tasty!! I love overnight oats and doing them in leftover spread jars is the best
    Love, Cally x

  7. This looks so tasty! Love the tips in here too darling! Thank you x x

  8. Gemma Louise says:

    I love your toddler meal ideas, I’m always running out of ideas for Ru so I find them so helpful xx

  9. I haven’t tried my little one on overnight oats, I am wondering whether she will like them! I really love these ideas for a post.

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