September 27, 2018

Lily Loves | September 2018

I know I’ve said several times now I will bring back my monthly favourites posts but I’m just not feeling them so this month I’m putting a twist on things and writing about Lily’s favourites. Sorry to those who prefer my make up and skincare laden favourites but what ya gunna do. I also thought this would be such a lovely thing to read back on when she’s older because it’s the little things that are always forgotten, isn’t it? I wish I’d done something like this when El was tiny because I’ve forgotten so much.

Toddler Time at Stratford-Upon-Avon Picturehouse

One of our local cinemas holds toddler screenings throughout the week at set times and this month we decided to bite the bullet and go with Lily. We had put off the cinema quite a few times because we just thought she wouldn’t sit through it and would get bored within seconds.

The toddler screenings last about half an hour and they’re of various popular children’s TV shows like Hey Duggee, Octonauts, Everything’s Rosie, Sarah & Duck among other short films like The Gruffalo. We went on a Sarah & Duck day because Lily had watched it before and quite liked it although I’m gutted we missed the Duggee days!

Bubble Machine

Both kids have nagged me for a bubble machine for ages, well, I say both, Eloise has nagged me for a bubble machine, Lily has nagged me for bubbles of any kind. What is it with kids and bubbles!? Anyway, the bubble machine is probably one of the best things I’ve bought despite the fact we have already got through 2. I kind of wish I’d bought one sooner so they could have played with it when the weather was amazing.

Ashton Confectionery Chocolate Hearts

Our lovely friend Maria runs a small confectionary business called Ashton Confectionery and she very kindly made these popping candy chocolate hearts for the girls (as well as some Jack Daniels and toffee vodka chocolates for me and Ben). Needless to say, both of the kids loved them! She also makes amazing cakes, fudge

Check out Ashton Confectionary here:

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Train set

Lily has been loving her train tracks at the moment. They were mostly Eloise’s and I’d kept them because they were so brilliant. They are mostly Brio or BigJigs if I remember rightly and they have lasted through 2 kids so far and are still going strong. We have picked up many more pieces recently so have had to upgrade the train storage situation to this beautiful basket from Reeroom.

Basket – 

Kiddylicious Sour Cream & Chive Lentil Straws

These are Lily’s new favourites! She has always loved Kiddylicious snacks, especially the crisps particularly the cheesy ones and actually, she wasn’t too keen on these the first time I bought them but they’re now the ones she always chooses! I love Kiddylicious crisps, I feel so much better about giving her crisps if they’re these because they’re much lower in nasties than your regular old crisp. That being said she still enjoys good old Wotsits.

What are your little ones favoruites?

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