September 3, 2018

Lily’s Top 5 Toys – August 2018

Toys are a very important part of any kids life and Lily is at the age where she really knows what she likes when it comes to toys and has developed a little collection of favourites. I thought it would be interesting to share what she’s been loving because not only will it be nice to me to look back on when she’s older and I’ve forgotten all these little details but also I hope this can help someone find some amazing toys their little ones will love too!

Lily’s Top 5 Toys this month…

Plan Toys Beehives

I’ve wanted these Beehives for the longest time, they are so beautifully made and are quite on the expensive side but wooden toys always tend to be on the pricier side. These are labels 3+ so I don’t keep them in her toy box and only bring them out when one of us is playing with her because I’d rather she didn’t choke on a bee. The idea is that they use the little wooden tweezers to pick up the bees and put them into their hives. They’re all colour coordinated so you can use them for counting practice, colour sorting, fine motor skills and even put the hives and different angles to make putting the bees away harder. I love the multitude of learning opportunities with these! Definitely a toy to hold onto for future generations.

Little Boo Learning Mats

I love Little Boo Learning! I originally bought these for when she was a bit older because the ones I bought are mainly spelling and alphabet based so I thought she probably wouldn’t be that interested for a while. I thought they would be fantastic for when Lily is preschool age to get her more familiar with the alphabet in a way she would really enjoy because let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love sticking things on stuff.

We have the name, alphabet and weather mats so far and I love them all! The weather one Lily can do herself confidently already by matching the pictures up and we are getting there with the words. Her name one I went for the rainbow colourway which makes it easier for the younger ones to get them in the right order and begin to get used to letterforms and sequences.

Brio Cogwheel Puzzle

Lily has been really loving puzzles, anything that she can put together and take apart has been her favourite thing for a while now and she will spend ages playing with these sorts of toys. We love Brio and this Cogwheel puzzle will teach toddlers cause and effect as well as matching both colours and shapes which I think is fantastic! I do love toys that have multiple learning elements because children learn so much more freely through play and Lily absorbs all of this like a sponge.


Lily spends a good portion of her day playing with her little collection of jigsaws. I bought her some 2 piece puzzles about a year ago and she’s loved jigsaws ever since. She has 5 on rotation and thoroughly enjoys all of them still despite doing them well over 100 times each. I’m going to buy her a 50 piece in the hope it’ll take her longer than 3 minutes, haha!

myHummy Fleur

Not really a toy as such but ever since Lily was sent this bear they have been inseparable. “Teddy” goes to bed with her and comes down with her in the mornings and my gosh there is a tantrum if Teddy is forgotten upstairs. I have reviewed Lily’s MyHummy, Fleur, if you fancy a read!

What are your little ones top 5 toys at the moment?

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