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Now the weather is getting colder and the willingness for toddlers to walk places decreases we thought it was about time to crack out the pushchair again. With Eloise, I was a bit of a pramholic and I think I racked up the pushchair count to about 6 with her from Quinny’s to Bugaboo’s (yes multiple) which all ended up sold apart from the Bugaboo Cameleon which I stupidly sold just before we had Lily. Still kicking myself over that, to be honest.

With Lily, we panic bought a Quinny but I ended up hating it because it was just so heavy so it got banished to the shed and we bought a cheap as hell second-hand Mamas & Papas Luna Mix for a fiver off Facebook because I mostly wore Lily at that point but we needed a back up pushchair. It was bright pink and just generally gross but it did the job. However, it began to fall apart so when Kiddies Kingdom sent me this new Red Kite Push Me Metro stroller I was just a little bit excited (by little bit I mean a lot).

Red Kite Push Me Metro Stroller

Because it had been so long since I had bought a new pram I had totally forgotten that you actually have to build it yourself. Now normally I’m good at flat packs, however, mind-numbingly boring they are to put together but I was surprised at just how easy this was to put together.


For a mid-budget stroller, the design is very deceiving, making it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Retailing at £64.99 on Kiddies Kingdom this is within the cheaper, more affordable strollers but if I had to guess the price by just looking at it, I’d put it up for at least £100.

The hood is a lovely shade of grey which is a heck of an improvement from the garish fluorescent pink we have been used to with the other stroller and the extra deep shopping basket is gratefully appreciated and I no longer have to hang various bags from my wrists whilst trying to push the stroller with hands that have had half the circulation cut off.


The adjustable leg rest is what does it for me, Lily looks so much more comfortable with her legs stretched out! She’s pretty mini so she can never actually reach the foot rests on anything so her legs are normally just dangling there but she is loving this footrest! The straps are padded which makes them comfier on little shoulders although I think I may need to adjust them because they seem to slip off quite easily, I think some little strips of rubber may have been a good addition to these to stop little escape artists from wriggling free so easily. The padded bumper bar is also brilliant for that added safety aspect, Lily loves holding onto it and that extra bit of security is always nice!


It was a dream to put together, the strap adjustments are a piece of cake and the hood and rain cover as easy enough to sort out although the ease of pushing it is not such a piece of cake. For a budget stroller, it’s good but it feels quite stiff to turn, especially on sloping pavements and I find it does run away a bit and is quite hard to keep central on narrow or uneven surfaces. You also need quite a wide space to turn in because it is a bit of a stiff one to turn and it can’t cope with sharp corners very well. I think this is quite a common thing with tri wheel strollers though however, we have been using the Micro Trike this Summer which zips everywhere (literally…).


Size-wise when folding, it’s not the smallest but it’s not the biggest. It’s much bigger than an umbrella fold but it’s small enough to fit in the boot of a small car easily. I do kind of wish it folded smaller as it would fit in our cloakroom better but it’s nothing major.

The rain cover simply velcros on so it’s easy to whip out and chuck on and off and the extra deep shopping bag is my new favourite thing. I love a good sized shopping bag on a stroller, we all know the struggle of pushing a pushchair and holding a billion bags and it ain’t fun so shopping bags need to be big or they can go home, basically.

Overall this is a great little cheap and cheerful stroller!

The Red Kite Push Me Metro Stroller can be purchased at Kiddies Kingdom for £64.99

*I was gifted this stroller for review. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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