September 11, 2018

What My Toddler Ate Tuesday | September 2018


Seeded toast topped w/ almond butter, banana a drizzle of honey + topped with seeds

This looks like a cute matching breakfast but really I just chopped mine in half and gave some to Lily. I normally just butter my toast but after I FINALLY got my hands on some Pip & Nut Honey Almond Butter I  have been using that instead and it is honestly amazing. It’s a lot runnier than the regular kind so I drizzle it more than spread it but topped with more honey and some mixed seeds it is amazing!

For more of my breakfast ideas I recently did a guest post over on the lovely Charlotte’s blog – Simply Together! Head over to see my BLW Breakfast Ideas!



Wholewheat Pasta w/ sautéed garlic mushrooms and spinach

I always forget about mushrooms in the fridge despite us all liking them. I really need to start properly meal planning so I can really make use of everything I buy and not bloody forget about things. The effort of cooking from scratch is what puts me off normally but I decided to make us all a cooked lunch today seeing as the weather has taken a right turn and I am actually cold for the first time in months.

All I did was throw some olive oil, chopped mushrooms and garlic in a frying pan whilst the pasta was cooking then chucked the spinach in last minute, mixed it up and voila! I was fully expecting noses to be turned up at this but both kids ate it! I have been sent a beautiful little recipe journal from Chalk and Msss which I absolutely need to write these recipes down in!



Wholegrain Rice + Quinoa w/ Pan Fried Avocado and Halloumi

Dance night means a quick as hell dinner so this one consisted of a microwave bag of rice and a concoction of stuff in a frying pan. Everyone loves halloumi although the avocado was picked out by everyone except me, obviously. Lily is going through such a majorly fussy phase with her food and would eat Kiddyicious Cheesy Straws, chocolate and bananas all day every day if I let her, urgh! I still make her reasonably balanced, healthy meals but everything she has had recently has ended up with a side of random shit just to get her to eat.


The idea is you photograph a full day of your toddlers meals, doesn’t have to be just one day you could take your favourite breakfast, lunch, and dinner from whatever days you like because I know how easy it is to forget to take a photo of your kids food every meal for an entire day. Feel free to include your recipes, cookbooks, cutlery, or tips you have found along the way!

You can also share your toddler’s meals using the hashtag #WhatMyToddlerAteTuesday on Twitter and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag me @geeegardner (3 e’s, on Instagram and twitter) in any posts and stories and I will share them!

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I will share my favourites in next months blog post! Please let me know if you would rather I didn’t share your photos/recipes.

What My Toddler Ate Tuesday

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