10 Things That Made Me Smile in September 2018

Another month, another bunch of positivity. Well, not all of the month has been positive but I’m pretty much done with focusing on the shitty stuff so from here on out it’s the good stuff, however small or seemingly insignificant that makes up for a heck of a lot of smiles. I feel like September is yet another month that has flown by and I know I say that every time I do any kind of monthly post but it’s honestly getting a bit scary just how fast the months are going by. I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s nearly Christmas. What. The. Hell.

Anyway, I love writing these posts, they always take me a bit of thinking about which is kind of sad in a way, I have spent so much time having my mind focused on the bad stuff that it takes me a good few days to fill up this post with these 10 happy things but having to rack my brains for the things that have made us smile this month is very therapeutic and puts me in a lovely headspace of positivity.

10 Things That Made Me Smile in September…

01. Eloise starting up dance classes again

When Eloise was 5 we signed her up for dance classes but unfortunately, she couldn’t cope with them because at that point, she had just started school and her knees just weren’t coping and she said she wanted to stop going. Since she hit 7 we haven’t had (touch wood) a bad night with her knee pain even after pretty strenuous activities like rock climbing and bike riding so we signed her up to a local dance class and she’s 4 sessions in and loving it! This time its freestyle rather than ballet and I think it suits Eloise a lot better, she did enjoy ballet lessons but she’s not really a frilly girly girl anymore.

02. Taking Lily to the cinema for the first time

Me and Ben took Lily to see Sarah & Duck at our local cinema, they do a toddler time session where the tickets are only a few quid and the screening lasts half an hour which is perfect for getting toddlers used to a cinema setting. Lily loved it!

03. Taking a step back from commisions and drawing Eloise

I love art, it’s my escape and I have thrown myself into commissions of late and I have taken a step back a bit the last couple of weeks and started putting together some designs for my Etsy as well as a little illustration of my beautiful Eloise.

04. Featuring in e_Illustration_’s book “I Am”

A little while back the lovely Evie asked me to be part of her uni project and this month I finally got my hands on the finished piece! Her illustrations are amazing and reading the stories from all the other girls who took part has been nothing short of inspiring!

Visit her Etsy store to buy your own copy.

05. Costa Bonfire Hot Chocolate

If you’ve not tried this already then what you playing at?! It’s lifetime bucket list worthy and easily the best-tasting drink I’ve put in my mouth in a long time. I’m normally a hazelnut latte or PSL girl but this has converted me for the foreseeable future.

06. All Things Wild

The last time I went here I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Lily at one of Eloise’s friends birthday party. Eloise loved it back then and even held a freaking snake. She’s been back since with her Aunt but we have been waiting to take Lily until she was really old enough to appreciate it. She absolutely loves dinosaurs so we knew she would love it. Both kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we spend over 4 hours there and didn’t even see everything. We are buying an annual pass net time because it’s honestly such a fantastic day out with so much to do!

07. Lily’s first proper soft play experience

You might wonder how I’ve managed to get this far without taking her and well, technically it’s not her first time. She’s been before with Eloise and her first experience was Els 6th birthday party but she was only a few months old at the time so she didn’t really “get it”. This was the first time she got to roam around for herself…with me running after her like a giant sweaty mess. She loved it so much and threw the obligatory post soft play strop when we left.

08. Buying Lily her first pair of ballet shoes

Ever since Eloise started dance classes again Lily has been fascinated and will practice Eloise routines with her. By that I mean try her best to copy the moves but end up making up her own little dances. I asked her if she wanted to go to her won dance classes and she said yes, which is a shock because normally she says no to everything even when she means yes so after a bit of searching, I have found the perfect little dance class in a village near where I live for Lily and I have booked her a few trial sessions.

09.  Tuff Tray Play

I bought a tuff tray back in April with the intention of using it loads to set up cute play ideas for Lily but in reality, it’s probably been used about 5 times. I washed it and set up a dinosaur foam party which roughly translates to dinosaur toys with a load of bubbles on them and both Lily and her friend played with it a bit and I felt like one of those Pinterest Mums who have time turners to find the time to set these things up. I set a farm themed one up this morning with a bunch of oats, shredded paper, pasta, spaghetti and rice crispies with some of Lily’s animals and tractors which was slightly more successful and she played with it for well over an hour. Win!

10. Pick ‘n’ Mix!

I cannot remember the last time I had a good Pick ‘n’ Mix. It was definitely during childhood before the realisation that the pick ‘n mix sweets in shops like Tesco are probably more germ than sweet so I had been on the search for sweets that aren’t riddled with ebola (ok probably not ebola but definitely snot). I found Sugar Rush Confectionery on a parenting Facebook page actually, someone posted a photo of theirs and I ordered a 1kg box of sweets from them within seconds of seeing that post. The box lasted us a good couple of weeks and I’m definitely going to be using them again!

What made you smile last month?


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  1. October 7, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    What a lovely post! I have a daughter called Lily too, she’s 13 now but I remember her dance lessons. she went to street dancing lessons for years but lost interest sadly. I also love to draw! I just wish I had more time to do so. Have a fabulous autumn with your girls lovely.

    Samantha x


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