October 16, 2018

Autumn 2018 Bucket List

It’s somehow midway through October (how the actual hell did that happen?!) and Autumn is in full swing, the big coats and wellies are out and masses of Halloween sweets are everywhere. I absolutely bloody love this time of year, minus the snotty noses and general germs, obviously, but everything else about Autumn I love, from the beautiful crunchy leaves and dark berry lipsticks to the amazing Halloween themed cakes, shout out to Mr Kipling and Cadbury’s you complete and utter babes. Cadbury’s Bonfire Mini Rolls are something else and I suggest you all try several along with a Costa Bonfire Hot Chocolate which is out of this fucking world amazing. Not even exaggerating, it is by far the best hot chocolate I have ever put in my mouth in my whole entire life.

Anyway, I’m pretty late to the party on this one with it being nearly November now but I decided I couldn’t not jump on the Autumn bandwagon here seeing as Lisa said I’m a tit if I don’t and I’m not doing Blogtober this year either so I needed to get my Autumn fix somewhere (if you’re looking for blog post ideas then I wrote a list of Blogtober post ideas and also took past in Blogtober 2017 if you fancy a gander *nudge nudge wink wink*). Chances are I probably won’t get half of this done but the thought is there.


Autumn 2018 Bucket List


Go to a Halloween party

Make Halloween sweetie cones

Go Trick or Treating

Go pumpkin picking

Bake banana bread

Go on a walk and collect Autumnal things

Go on a National Trust Pumpkin Trail

Autumn sensory tuff tray play

Watch Hocus Pocus

Buy a new coat

Carve a pumpkin

Watch a scary film

Make caramel apples

Use the slow cooker more

Go to a fireworks display

Buy the girls a new coat

Drink Costa Bonfire Hot Chocolate

Have a cosy day in


What’s on your Autumn bucket list?


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