October 22, 2018

Autumn Tuff Tray Ideas

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed the influx of tuff tray activities I’ve shared on my stories (I do have them saved as a highlight if you missed them) and quite a few of you have messaged me asking about tuff tray ideas so I thought I’d share a post about a few Autumn themed ones we have planned! I’ve tried my best to photograph these but because it’s Autumn now it’s basically impossible to get a nicely lit photograph, I need to check out roof lantern solutions or something because this house needs more light! Soz.

Pumpkin Spa

What you’ll need:

– Pumpkins

– Bowl of water

– Old soap disenser

– Sponges

– Soaps

– Baby Wipes


Grab some pumpkins, squash, gourds anything you fancy and set up the tuff tray with a bowl of water and a collection of things to wash it with! These can be spray bottles, sponges, cloths, baby wipes, toothbrushes, dishmatics, scrub daddies, anything you fancy or can get your hands on! Try and find things that require them to use different fine motor skills to work, spray bottles are amazing at getting little hands working as well as squirty hand soap bottles. Different types and scents of soap are great to add some extra sensory elements into it, perhaps a foaming hand wash as well as your bog standard gel to mix things up a bit more!


Witches Brew

What you’ll need:

– Plastic Halloween Cauldron

– Anything you can find

– Wooden spoon or ladle


This is a brilliant, quick activity to set up. All you need is a cheap Halloween witches cauldron and a bunch of random stuff. Plastic Halloween party favours, fake eyeballs, vampire fangs, and fake witches fingers to acorns, flour, cereals or gloop. Loads of sensory opportunities in this one but it may get messy if you’re using foods and gloop.


 Pumpkin Sensory Exploration

What you’ll need:

– Pumpkin

– Various sized spoons, ladles, scoops, etc


Before you carve your pumpkin this year, get it out on the tuff tray for your little one to explore. If you have a spare, cut it up so the can have a really good look at the inside.


Autumn Sensory Tray

What you’ll need:

– Leaves

– Acorns

– Conkers

– Twigs

– Scented Playdoh

– Seasonal vegetables


This is a lovely, cheap if not idea. all you need to do is section off the tuff tray, I use washi tape for this, and place each thing in one section so your child can move around the tray and discover different textures, smells, colours and get their fine motors skills going creating masterpieces with the items on the playdoh.


Spooky Gloop

What you’ll need:

– Cornflour

– Food dye

– Water


Mix the ingredients together until you have a slimy mixture, add more cornflour if you want a thicker gloop and put it in a shallow tray or mixing bowl, better yet, fill the whole tuff tray and get them standing and jumping in it. The cornflour will make the liquid feel hard with pressure which fascinates children. This one is a bit messy, just a heads up!


Eyeball Fishing

What you’ll need:

– Pumpkin

– Jelly or water beads

– Tweezers, spoons, etc


Fill a hollowed-out pumpkin with jelly or water beads and let them use their fingers, spoons, tweezers, tongs, anything you can think of to fish them out. This will help aid their fine motor skills as well as lots of sensory benefits.


Halloween Sensory Station

What you’ll need:

– Container

– Water beads

– Spooky plastic Halloween party favours

– Witches fingers

– Playdoh

– Pumpkins/squash/gourds

– Spider web Halloween Decoration


This time of year is really great for stocking up on those cheap little Hallwoeeen favours for activities liek this! They’re normally on some for of offer, normally 2 for £1 or something so they make really great, inexpensive sensory additions to your tuff tray stash.

Autumn Writing Tray

What you’ll need:

– Sandwich Tray

– Coloured sand, rice or salt


Fill a shallow dish, a sandwich tray works best, and fill it with coloured sand or rice. Let them use their finger or a stick, glow in the dark witches finger, etc to draw pictures or practice their letters and numbers!


So there we have it, I hope you all have fun doing these activities and if you need any more inspiration then Pinterest is your friend!

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