October 14, 2018

My Dream Home…

We have nearly lived in our home for a year and it’s well and truly starting to come together. While we still need to wait until December to start painting because it’s a new build and we need to wait for the house to settle, blah blah blah I have really made a dent in the interiors and furniture painting. While this house will never be my ultimate dream home, I’m pretty confident I can make it look amazing…eventually!


Living Room

Our living room is the least finished room I think, the furniture needs painting to make it less boring or replacing altogether. We have a giant solid wood sideboard and while it’s useful, it’s bloody massive and the wood is too bright and polished for my liking, I like dark wood or waxed wood. I quite like the idea of painting it and sanding down the top which I think is what we will end up doing but for now, I’m not sure. I kind of miss having nice, big aluminum sliding doors leading out into the garden but this house is literally backwards.

Colour scheme-wise, I love off-whites, blush pinks, dark greys, deep emeralds, and mustard yellows. Not all of them at once but those are the ones I’m drawn to. We have dark grey Orla Kiely curtains which I love but that’s as far as we have got for this room so I want everything else to be much lighter and airier. I’m thinking a big houseplant, grey sofas (or pink if Ben will let me), a big, lightly coloured scandi style rug to break up our dark floorboards and a dark grey fire surround with a great big mirror over the top.



I did originally want to go for a boho vibe in our master bedroom but now I’m feeling more of a classic, luxe but not full-on luxe kind of vibe. Scandinavian with a touch of luxury I think if that ever makes sense. I have my lovely desk which I adore but our bed needs to go along with our bedside tables. At the moment we have a huge, heavy wooden mexican pine style bed and, well, it’s shit. I want a huge high padded headboard with round, marble topped bedside tables with an interesting lamp wither side. Maybe even one of those out the wall bulb type contraptions! Colour wise, I kind of what to paint it all ever so off-white, nothing amazing or in your face and keep all the details in the accessories.



The floor in our kitchen is the ugliest effing lino I have ever seen. It’s grey, boring and I hate it. My dream floor would be solid wood parquet flooring except I would probably have to sell my liver to be able to afford it. I would also have pale pink tiles and dark blue cabinets with copper handles, I’m, getting kitchen envy from my imagination right now.

Our kitchen table is solid wood which I have painted pink (Valspar Twice Shy) along with the chairs and put some grey toned wood fablon over the top of the gross yellow pine. I do plan on taking this off at some point and sanding the wood down and then wax it. I love how unpolished wood looks, it’ll be harder to keep clean but anything beats shiny wood for me!



I love the idea of having pastel blue tiles and gold fittings. I did want a blush pink bathroom but Ben wasn’t having any of that so RIP pink bathroom of dreams. I love the look of black grouting and rectangular white tiles though so maybe I will have more luck convincing Ben with those, however, for our downstairs bathroom, I really do what to go full on unconventional. I’m talking fucking cheetahs on the wallpaper weird with dark turquoise cabinets and brass fittings with so, so many plants!



What would you have in your dream home?