October 2018 Goals

Finally, the weather is cooler and the nights are drawing in so the kids wake up at reasonable times and not the arse crack of dawn, the Halloween excitement is in full force and the Christmas sized tubs of chocolate are in shops. I love this time of year (minus the colds of course) and I’m ready for the blustery days and crunchy leaves. I am currently putting together an Autumn bucket list of things I want to do before my favourite season is up and I am filled with excitement (and Halloween themed cakes).

01. Blog about this months home ed timetable

I’ve loved keeping track of what Eloise has got up to this month and it’s the perfect way to keep track of her lessons for when the LEA want to see what she’s got up to. I think this month I’m going to try and take more photos so I can look back on her work easier than having to fish through a mountain of paper (I really need to be more organised with this!)

02. Go to toddler groups with Lily

Ever since Eloise started going to dance classes Lily has watched intently to her practicing her routines and tries her best to copy the moves. I have spent a good time researching toddler dance groups and have hopefully found the perfect one! I have anxiety and I’m a massive introvert so getting out and going to toddler groups with Lily is difficult for me but I’m trying to suck it up and make myself go to some with her. I’ve already signed her up for a Halloween party with ARTventurers and a dance class trial and I’ve found a free story session at one of our local libraries so it’s a case of actually getting myself to go now. Nothing like throwing myself in the deep end.

03. Reach 1000 likes on my Mrs Hinch Illustration

Last month I had just under 200 followers on Tulip&Moss on Instagram and now I’m near 600 all thanks to Mrs Hinch for sharing this little illustration I did of her Hinch family which has grown quite a bit since I did this so perhaps it’s time for Hinch family take 2? Anyway, I’d love to reach 1k likes on this by the end of the month!

04. Do more structured activities with Lily

While Lily is only 2 and a half so I’m not officially home educating her for a few years yet I do want to start planning ahead with what activities I want to do with her. Mainly because there are so many lovely tuff tray ideas on Pinterest and I don’t have all of the bits for them. We do activities every day but I just want to make it more fun and planning it all makes me feel like I have my shit together, haha.

05. Buy more flowers

I don’t remember the last time I bought a bunch of fresh flowers, I think I’m still on a downer from peony season being over but I’m desperate for some fresh blooms in the house and my photography has been lacking for a while now without some petals here and there.

06. Start planning the kitchen flooring

I hate our kitchen flooring it’s so dull and boring. It’s basically fugly so I have been lusting over the Amitico Spacia flooring range from Fay Flooring which looks perfect! I’m also a huge fan of their herringbone flooring too which I want everywhere. I would wear it if I could. I am in flooring hell but I need to power through because I know it’ll look amazing in the end!

What are your goals for October?

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  1. October 8, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    I love posts like this. I really should do some more goals posts, I think it would actually help me achieve them for once. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl in November…!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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