The October Blog Tag

The October Blog Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post but seeing as Lisa from Oh Luna created this one I thought I’d be a top pal and join in even though she was clearly wrong in her blog post when she expressed her hatred towards pineapple on pizza. It was just a bit uncalled for really and I hope she gets a tongue transplant because clearly, hers is malfunctioning. Aside from me being pals with a heathen, I love a good tag and a tag about October which is one of my favourite months well, I had to be game for this one.

The October Blog Tag



What is your favourite colour?

Blush pink, duck egg blue, emerald green, copper and taupe. Also grey.

What did you do today?

I caught up on some blog work, hinched (if you don’t know who Mrs Hinch is by now then where you been?) my skirting boards she my house smells like Lenor Spring Awakening, did some gardening and planted some snowdrop bulbs with Eloise, listened to music older than my Mum and cooked macaroni cheese.

Where are you currently?

I’m in the living room being serenaded by Peppa fucking Pig. Lily’s not even in the room.

What is your star sign?

Capricorn, which apparently makes me traditional, responsible and disciplined with good manners so it could be worse.

Cake or Ice cream.

Cake all day every day.

Frozen or Moana.

Moana. 100%.

A night in or a night out.

The whole adult life I have been a Mum so my nights out have been few and far between, I think I have had a total of 3 nights out in my whole life. The first was the Bulldog Bash when I was about 16, the second was my cousin’s wedding reception and the third was the premiere of Patient Zero Dead at the Gates so I’m going to have to go with a night in seeing as I’m probably the most boring person in the whole world.

Home cooked meal or takeaway.

Home cooked for sure! Nothing beats a good roast dinner!

Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza.

Pineapple belongs on pizza. With ham. Deal with it Lisa.

Books or films.

Both but probably books although I don’t really assign much time for reading these days. I do love the smell of a new book though.

Autumn or spring.

Both. Autumn because by August I’m sick of melting and having sweaty tits constantly and Spring because by December I’m sick of freezing my tits off. Basically, my tits are never happy.

Flowers or chocolates.

Lisa how can you make me choose between these? The answer is both.

Full fat or diet coke.

I prefer full fat but the caffeine in coke kills me.

Phone or laptop

Laptop because I couldn’t hack writing all my blog posts on my phone.

What is your current favourite TV series?

I’ve just finished watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and FUCK ME. It’s so good but the suspense will make you shit the bed.

What is your favourite thing to do in October?

Well, technically I’ve never done it properly but, pumpkin picking. I’m so excited to go this year!

What is your current food to crave?

Cadbury’s Caramel Wispa.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

I really want tattoos but I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding since I was old enough to get them but I have some designs drawn up that I want done! Piercing wise I only have your bog standard ear piercings, I did have stretchers until I tried going up a size too quickly and fucked my ear lobe up.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?


What is your all time favourite Halloween film?

Hocus Pocus.

Name your top 3 favourite artists/bands.

Megadeth, 30STM, Lights

Have you got any plans for Halloween?

Lily has a Halloween party with ARTventurers and we are going trick or treating.

Do you have any fears?

I have generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I’m basically afraid of everything.

Do you believe in life after love?

I can feel something inside me say.

Do you have any children? (or animals you treat as your babies).

I have 2 girls.

What do you want for your future?

Just to be happy with where I’m at and be less anxious about things I reckon.

Be honest, why did you start blogging?

I needed somewhere to be creative. El was tiny at the time and I felt like I wasn’t being productive so I turned to blogging as my creative outlet really. It pulled me out of my PND bubble and I’ve loved it ever since.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

My girls. I don’t think anything else tops them.

What are your ambitions with your blog?

I think everyone wants their blog to be successful, including me although I don’t think I would cope if it ever got massive. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now.

If there is one thing you’d like to change about your blog what would it be?

My logo because it’s boring but I’m the most indecisive person in the whole world ever so I can never decide on anything.

Have you achieved any blog goals you set out to do this year?

I only set myself a couple but I’ve smashed them. High five to me.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?

That’ll make me 37 and el 18 which is quite frankly terrifying but I’d love to have a couple more kids, have got married because I’ve been engaged 2 years now with nothing to show for it.

What is your dream holiday?

Probably something boring like a caravan by the sea.

If you had an entire day to yourself what would you do?

I’d probably die of shock. I would probably clean the shit out of the house and eat a tonne of junk food.


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  1. October 19, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    While I am not tagged I am so going to do this! Caravan by the sea is my favorite holiday 🙂

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