Timespring – The Time Machine in Your Pocket

One of the most popular baby showers presents is a baby milestone book, I’m sure we all get the idea of those and we all set out to record every little detail within those pages, our child’s life all safely contained in this book for us to sit and flick through and revisit when they’re grown, filled with nostalgia and little things that we didn’t realise were the big things. I can almost guarantee that everyone who owns one of these books has given up halfway, maybe the book is now piled up under The Gruffalo and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or perhaps it’s sat high on a shelf covered in the dust that you don’t have time to clear. Either way, the book got sidelined because life with a baby just got in the way, which is kind of ironic really.

I am a massively sentimental person, especially when it comes to my kids. My house is absolutely crammed with pretty much everything they have worn, drawn or painted. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but my point is, I am about as sentimental as you can get with anything to do with my babies. I have saved every little thing (pretty much) from when they were tiny from my pregnancy tests, their first curl and the newspaper from the day they were born to the first spoon Eloise used…yeh. I go a bit over the top with the random shit I keep but I want to remember everything little details from when they are tiny because even now, Eloise is 8 and there are already so many things I’ve forgotten. The details, the little things, those are what I want to remember and be able to share with them when they’re older.

As well as the well-meaning milestone book, I used to write Eloise a card every month, just about things we had done, milestones, anything I wanted to tell her at the time and then filled the envelope with photos and sealed it and wrote her age on the front. These are all sat in her baby box ready for her to open when she’s older but life got in the way and I just didn’t have the time to write the cards every month so by about 1 year in I stopped writing cards and Lily hasn’t got any at all, life just gets too busy, I’m sure most of you feel me there.


Some of you might have heard about the craze where everybody was setting up emails for their kids and emailing them letters every now and then in the intention of giving them the password when they hit 18 and letting them read through an entire life’s worth of emails from family filled with details of memories that would have been forgotten otherwise and I love this kind of thing.

It’s a window into the past

Timespring takes that idea and sprinkles some pixie dust on it. It allows you to send photographs and messages to loved ones to receive at any future date you want. Want to send your husband a message now? Cool! Want to send your baby a message for their 18th birthday? Awesome! Timespring has everything covered. It’s a window into the past allowing loved ones to experience childhood memories in the future. From the big things like their first smile, their first wobbly step, their first day at school to their last day at school, right through to the little things like their first taste of ice cream or their first visit to Santa. Their whole life all bundled safely into this app for them to open whenever you want.

The problem with keeping up with logging in notebooks and writing letters pen to paper is that time barrier. Mums have hardly any time to pee let along sit and fill in a book but opening an app and uploading a photo with a short note is a heck of a lot more doable for us time-poor Mums.

Ideas for Timespring…

01. Send your child a letter on each birthday along with a photo of them then for them to open on their 18th

02. Get everyone to send your child a note on their 1st birthday to open on their 18th.

03. Take a photo of their favourite birthday/Christmas gifts each year and send it to them. I would have loved to look back at my favourite toys like this!

04. Send their first day back to school photos every year for them to open when they finish school.

05. Take photos of their artwork – Kids accumulate a LOT of artwork throughout their lives and it can be hard to find places for it all but taking photos is a great way to store them all!

Timespring is available on both iPhone and Android.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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