November 5, 2018

10 Things That Made Me Smile in October 2018

01. 90s Kids TV

After watching Baby Shark for the 15 millionth time I created a playlist of stuff from the 90s on YouTube to try and get her into something other than the billion variations of baby shark. So far she loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and has watched it numerous times now completely transfixed.

02. Minecraft with Eloise

The week we were all ill we didn’t do much other than sit around and watch TV or play games. I normally avoid Minecraft because it just doesn’t do it for me but Eloise asked me to play it with her and we had fun creating our own world and she had fun explaining literally everything to me. I’m still not a Minecraft pro like her and Ben but I had fun all the same.

03. Prison Break

The new season has not long come to Netflix and me and Ben have been waiting for it for aaaages. I think we binge watched it in less than a week when we were ill and it didn’t disappoint. I love finding great Netflix shows to watch with Ben because it’s pretty much the only time we get to spend together these days.

04. Tractor ride

We went pumpkin picking the day before Halloween and it was a semi-disaster. I say semi because looking back, it was fun but mostly stressful. Eloise refused to wear a jumper under a wax coat and basically half froze so we had to leave early and Lily had a strop because she didn’t want to go in the wheelbarrow but also because she didn’t want to come out of the wheelbarrow. Stressful events aside, the trip up int he tractor and trailer was worth all of the foot stomping and whining because Lily was absolutely amazed by it all and hasn’t shut up about tractors since.

05. Trick or Treating

This year is Lily’s first time trick or treating and she loved it so much. Eloise has been before and loved it too and it was so cute watching them hold hands up to the doors. We didn’t go last year because the area we lived in at the time wasn’t the nicest but now we are back in the country a bit the whole atmosphere was lovely. Seeing all the children dressed up and having so much fun was just wonderful to see. Lily managed to score 1lb worth of sweets on her own (she was rather grabby let’s just say that. Polite but definitely took more than one sweet at least half of the time) and Eloise wasn’t far behind.

06. Half Term

While we don’t have any official half terms as such because we home educate, we certainly packed the week with lots of fun activities and I felt like one of those Mums who have their shit together. We saw lots of animals at the Pets at Home Creature Care Workshop, made minotaur masks at the RSC, went to an art gallery, pumpkin picking, had a ride in a tractor and trailer, dressed up to go trick or treating and went on autumn walks.

07. School Dinner Cake

For ages now I have wanted to make school cake, I don’t think that’s the correct name for it but basically, that yellow tray bake cake with icing and sprinkles. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy just plain old school dinners cake. I finally dug out a recipe I found online and made some and I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but that shit was good. Not quite the same as I remember it tasting so I will have to try some other recipes out but it was delicious all the same.

08. The darker evenings

Call me a miserable bitch but I do love the darker days, mainly because it means my kids don’t wake up at the arse crack of dawn but also because it makes for optimal evening snuggling up on the sofa conditions. Lots of lovely candles and warm lighting, perfect!

09. Baggy jumpers and wool coats

The weather has well and truly turned and there have been a couple of frosts already. Fluffy jumpers and wool coats are out and I couldn’t be happier about this. Lily’s big fluffy coat is too small and Eloise’s is getting on the short side so new coats for the kids are needed. They always grow out of stuff at the same time.

10. Papergang boxes

I recently signed up to Papergang after seeing their collaboration with Gemma Correll and being well and truly sucked in. Not sorry at all. I have always been a sucker for some cute stationery and this box is basically any stationery nerds dream. Beauty box who?

What made you smile in October?

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