Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again and soz if you’re the Grinch’s who hates anyone who mentions Christmas before December because this week is about to get festive! Whether you’re looking forward to a nice, cosy, family meal with all the trimmings or hitting the airport on a trip to the North Pole or Disneyland there is nothing more festive than a good old Christmas gift guide!

First up in this year we have babies and toddlers who are strong contenders to the hardest to buy for because they either have everything already or they can’t tell you what they want and will probably just end up playing with the boxes, let’s not lie now. Anyway, I’ve put together some of my top picks all conveniently squished into one post! Enjoy!

Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2018


Play-Doh is a toy that is played with every day in this house, Lily LOVES it. I hate to think how many tubs of the stuff she has got through over the past couple of years but it’s brilliant! She is forever asking for it and we can’t go past the single pots in Tesco without her wanting one. This year a lot of her presents and stocking fillers are Play-Doh related, this Kitchen Creations set is one of her main presents, it has a multitude of fancy bits and bobs to make all sorts of pretend yummy treats! I think Eloise even had one similar to this when she was Lily’s age and it was a hit with her!

Fuzzy Felt

Another one that I loved as a kid. Lily has a set at her Great Grandma’s house which she loves, it was Eloise’s before and she loved it just as much. Fuzzy Felt is a classic toy for sure! This space set is perfect because it can also be used as an educational toy as she grows up.

Colouring Books

Another classic Christmas present. Lily loves colouring anything and everything (although thankfully not my walls) and she pretty much always has a pencil or crayon in her hand. I have got her a small collection of colouring books including good old Paw Patrol and My Little Pony along with some twistable crayons which she loves at the moment. They don’t break half as much as regular crayons and the twist up novelty isn’t lost on her.

Tiny Tears Doll

I had a Tiny Tears doll when I was about Lily’s age and I loved it! This one comes with lots of accessories that 3 years old me would have loved including a dummy, bottle and a potty. Lily has a dolls pushchair already and has been pushing around The Rock for the past year so we thought it was about time we got her a little doll because she has been fascinated by them in shops for months now. She actually got a glance of this as I took it out of the box and she wanted it immediately so I know she’s going to love this one.

In The Book Personalised Books

These are such lovely little books from In The Book. I chose the Alphabet & Numbers Board Book Gift Set for Lily because she is really into her letters and numbers at the moment and I thought they’d make for great learning resources as well as fun reads. The personalisation is a lovely touch and it will also help with name recognition which is always good!

myHummy Lena

I recently reviewed this beauty and she’s so lovely I had to include her in this gift guide. Lily adores both her myHummy friends! Lena is one of the newest additions to the myHummy family and despite the fact that Lily is now nearly 3, the white noise really does help her sleep better. Plus Lena is the softest teddy I have ever felt in my life.

So that concludes this years baby and toddler Christmas gift guide! I hope Father Christmas brings you all the things you asked for!

Merry nearly Christmas everyone!


*This is a collaborative post that also contains PR samples. All opinions are my own.

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