DIY Eco-Friendly Crafts For Kids This Christmas

With Christmas edging closer and closer and the school holidays just around the corner, what better way to keep the kids busy than to make Christmas gifts for them to give to friends and family! Bonus points because they’re all eco-friendly so you’re kind of giving the planet a present too! Anyway, I’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started!

DIY Eco-Friendly Crafts For Kids This Christmas

DIY Wrapping Paper

Did you know that a lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve shoved some in the recycling bin, completely clueless but imagine how much will end up going to landfill this Christmas? Some cardboard ends up not being recyclable too because it has a plastic coating. All you need to make your own is some plain brown packing paper, the kind you send parcels in the post with, some plain cotton fabric or tissue paper. You can use potato stampers, paint brushes, household items, fingers and hands to paint your own designs onto the packing paper. For the fabric, you could use food colouring to paint your patterns on, droppers or even tie dye it! This can be reused by your recipient or turned into something else afterwards!

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Ornaments

Salt dough is the ultimate dough of childhood, Play-Doh is a close contender but with salt dough, the creations can be kept forever. You could also use clay, it’s totally up to you although the salt dough is the most waste free of the two. Use cookie cutters or cut the dough freehand if you’re feeling brave and create lots of lovely handmade decorations for the tree this Christmas. Handprint ornaments are a favourite in this house, they’re a lovely way to preserve those tiny fingerprints and look back every year to see how much they’ve grown before your eyes. Use paints, pom poms, ribbon, etc to decorate them when they’re dry. Don’t forget to pierce a hole at the top to hang them!

Gingerbread cookies

There is nothing like filling the entire house with the smell of gingerbread to get you into the Christmas spirit! We make these every year to go on the tree and they leave my house smelling amazing. All you need is a good gingerbread recipe, some cookie cutters and some icing. The kids love rolling out the dough and cutting festive shapes out of it, you can get little tubes of icing which are easy for younger kids to squeeze out. These would make lovely gifts too!

Dried Flower Candles

Another great, eco-friendly gift that kids can help make too are candles! You could have the children collect small flowers from the garden to dry in advance and end up with a lovely gift at the end! Although you’d need to do the melting and handling of hot wax with younger children this could be a great science lesson too! You could talk about how heat changes the state of the wax and then watch the effect a cooler temperature has on the state as it returns to a solid at room temperature and even experiments with other materials afterwards. These would make wonderful personalised gifts to family or teachers!

Click here for a tutorial on how to make your dried flower candles.

Have fun crafting!

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