My Christmas Holiday Bucket List

Christmas is quite possibly the most memorable time for me as a child and I don’t think I’m alone there. It’s definitely the holiday that sticks out in my memory whether that be doing crafts at school or at home, visits to Father Christmas, spending time with family or what presents I got. I vividly remember one Christmas when I was about 6 years old, I left a letter for Father Christmas to try and catch him out but low and behold, the next morning beside the half-eaten carrot and mince pie there was a letter addressed to me from the man himself. I have many other fond memories and I’ve always wanted to do something extra magical with the kids during the holidays. One of the things right at the top of my bucket list is to take the kids on a holiday somewhere magical at Christmas time. I have a few places on my wishlist and I can’t wait for the year we can head on over to the airlines and surprise the kids with a trip to remember!

3 Places on my Christmas holiday bucket list

Santa’s Magic, Lapland

This is the holiday I always heard about as a kid, I mean what kid wouldn’t want to go to the very place Father Christmas lives?! With its beautiful snowscapes, toboggan run, husky-driving, mini-snowmobiles to find Santa’s home, sleigh-rides with real reindeers, ice fishing and not forgetting being able to meet the one and only Santa Claus. This is such a wonderful trip for young kids while they still get wrapped up in the magic of Father Christmas.

The wooden cabins are a thing of Christmas cards fulling kitted out with magnificent decorations, tree, open log fire and sauna for the grown-ups. Gargantuan breakfasts, 3-course meals and a festive dinner with traditional crackers on the last night. This trip really has it all!

Disneyland Paris

With Paris quite possibly being one of the most beautiful capitals of the world anyway, add a tonne of Christmas spirit and you have ice rinks that look like Elsa created them, free carousels, magnificent window displays kitted out with so much festive spirit it would give Whoville a run for it’s money but the destination on my bucket list is Disneyland of course.

Disneyland is a place of dreams for pretty much any kid I have ever met but the Christmas parades, decorations and firework shows, all open on Christmas Day itself is quite possibly the ultimate Christmas holiday.

Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Center Parcs is probably one of the most well know family holidays with very little people having never been to one of their locations at least once in their life. Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire hosts an annual Winter Wonderland which sounds pretty damn spectacular.

With a visit from Father Christmas himself (that guy sure gets around a lot) and his reindeer, a tonne of seasonal activities, festive food, treasure trail with the lodges themselves laced with an array of stunning decorations and a Christmas tree of course, to make every aspect of this holiday as magical as they can!

Where are you heading this Christmas?

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