My Top 5 Cleaning Accessories

I’m a clean freak, always have been, probably always will be and for that reason, I get great joy out of random cleaning cloths, sponges, wipes and anything cleaning in general, to be quite honest. I get excited when I get a new fabric softener, I’m basically an old person. Anyway, I have recently discovered the cleaning and home Instagram craze (Mrs Hinch anyone? Bloody love her!) and I am well and truly sucked in, it’s basically heaven for me and I have found so, so many new, amazing products so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 cleaning accessories.

My Top 5 Cleaning Accessories


E-Cloth Kitchen Wizz

After watching The Secret Cleaner’s stories about thicker sponges harboring more bacteria because they take so long to dry out, I picked this up after seeing both her and Little Miss Mops recommending this little beauty. It’s essentially a fancy microfibre cloth folded and stitched in half but it dries out a lot quicker than your regular old sponge.

It’s a kind of weird flannel material with a more abrasive material along dark blue stripes giving that little extra oomph making it perfect for washing up as well as getting into the tiny crevices around taps and hobs.

E-Cloth Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cloths

These are cracking little cloths! I have tonnes and tonnes of microfibre cloths, mainly cheapies that I’ve picked up from B&M and various shops along the way and they’re good but not great. They’re not very absorbent and are a bit streaky but these E-Cloths are really worth those few extra pennies. They aren’t technically microfibre so they don’t have that clingy, synthetic feel to them but the main reason I love them is that they are so freaking absorbent! While my regular microfibre cloths would kind fo spread heavy spills everywhere these cloths suck it all up. I love them! They are also infused with silver ions making them anti-bacterial and anything that’ll cut down on bacteria production I am game for!

Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad AKA Minkeh

I was lucky enough to pick one of these up just before Mrs Hinch kicked off and injected a whole lot of inspiration into peoples’ cleaning routines and before the eBay dickheads put them up for sale at a whopping 10k. Not tah hun, they’re not that amazing, however, at a regular price they are cracking little things!

They have a rough, criss-cross, rough material on one side which is perfect for getting burnt on crap off your hobs and watermarks off your taps and a soft waffle fabric side for absorbing the remnants of products and any water before polishing. I love mine for hinching the sink, it’s perfect with a bit of Cif Cream Cleaner or The Pink Stuff for getting the shite off the stainless steel!

Spontex All Purpose Cloth AKA Buddy

This one is one of my all-time Mrs Hinch faves although Ben only went and bloody dusted the fireplace with it earlier and got it filthy. Anyway, this is a kind of waffle microfibre type material and my goodness does it polish! You don’t even need a product with this and it will bring anything shiny up so much it practically blinds you.

I got mine in the Spontex Bathroom Kit which comes with a blue cloth with similar material but with rougher stipes on it, perfect for lifting limescale.

Scrub Mommy

I have had my good old Scrub Daddy for a while now and I love him, I use him on my hob and sink when they need a little bit extra welly that a Minkeh but Scrub Mommy is probably my new favourite out of the lot. It had the regular non-scratch, rough sponge that Scrub Daddy has as well as a beautifully fine, absorbent sponge on the back, it’s a double whammy! With the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy the rougher side will be harder when used with cold water and softer when used with hot which is a brilliant addition making it super versatile.

I use Scrub Mommy in my bathroom along with Flash Bathroom (another Mrs Hinch inspired fave) and it doesn’t half get everything gleaming! This is probably the best combo I have ever found cleaning wise! The sponge gets tiles sparkling although you’ll need to go over mirrors and taps with a Buddy to get them streak free.

So that’s your lot for today, I obviously have about 60 million other cleaning favourites but these guys are my most used for sure!


What are your favourite cloths and sponges?



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