Older Child Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Hello and welcome to the last installation of this years Christmas gift guides! I hope you’re enjoying my joy filled Christmassy blog posts…in November (pipe down you Ginches in the back!). Second up we have my older child’s gift guide! I have really struggled to think of things to get Eloise this year, she’s 8 so she’s at that awkward age where she’s not quite a little kid anymore but she’s not a tween yet either. I think present buying gets progressively more difficult as they get older. Much like parenting…

Anyway, this one is for all you poor fuckers whoa re trying to think of gifts for the awkward aged kids out there!

Older Child Christmas Gift Guide

Giotech TX-40 Gaming Headset 

The Giotech TX-40 is perfect for all those little hardcore gamers out there! Eloise is taking after Ben in the fact that she is a massive gaming nerd. She loves Roblox, Minecraft, and Skyrim and probably Fortnite if I let her play it. This headset is compatible with most game consoles including the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile, etc as well as being perfect for just listening to music with! It’s a lovely, sleek design which is perfect for older kids and tweens!

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

Every kid loves Nerf guns, they are the pogo stick of this generation and I’ve not met a kid who doesn’t love these things. This set comes with two guns, perfect for siblings or for the kids to play with their friends or even just a Christmas day team deathmatch game after dinner.

Lush Bath Bombs

You can’t beat a good Christmas Lush product, I don’t think I can recall one Christmas where I’ve not gifted someone something from Lush. Here we have Candy Mountain Yule Log which shares its scent with good old Creamy Candy. It’s a beautiful cotton candy scent which is loved by kids everywhere! Cheery Christmas is another great pick for the kids, it’s a sweet blackcurrant scent very alike to The Comforter which is probably one of the best scents in the entire world in my humble opinion.

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume

Eloise is 8 going on 18 and loves anything “grown up” like many older kids. For some reason, the grown-up things are the most fascinating and while I’m not ready for her to be leaving the house with a full face of makeup, a perfume I can deal with. A Britney Spears perfume is kind of like a right of passage I feel, this one is from the fantasy collection and it’s described as sweet, floral and fruity which sounds like a lovely tween fragrance. I got this from Perfume Click which is one of my favourite websites for perfumes! It’s super easy to navigate and I love how they group all their fragrances into a scent family to make easier to find what you’re looking for! The prices are also the lowest I’ve seen and they have every perfume I’ve ever heard of!

Aqua Sphere Kameleon Goggles

As part of her Christmas present from members of my family, Eloise is getting swimming lessons so I wanted to find her some new goggles as her old ones are a bit knackered now and they always steamed up and were just a bit crap, to be honest. These brand spanking new ones from Aqua Sphere look amazing and like no other goggles I’ve seen before. They have curved lenses for panoramic vision which sounds super fancy.

Books, Books and more Books

Books are a great present for any age and both of my two get a good bunch each for Christmas and birthday’s and I just think they’re such a great present! Ones I would really recommend are:

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

The Story of Tracy Beaker

Women of Science

The Series of Unfortunate Events

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Anything by Roald Dahl! The new 30 year edition designs are beautiful and would make perfect gifts!

Thorntons Festive Chocolate

Nothing say’s Christmas like The Snowman film does it? Thorntons have the most beautiful Christmas themed chocolate perfect for gifts, including The Snowman himself. I have one each for the kids this year and they are absolutely beautiful, almost too well crafted to eat!

So that concludes my older children’s gift guide! I hope you got some inspiration from it!

Merry Christmas!

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