Our Aldi Mamia Faves

Ah Aldi, the supermarket where you go in for a pint of milk and nappies and come out with a full set of paint brushes, 16 candles, a toolkit, a beer making kit, a selection of allene keys, a small step ladder, 3 house plants, a bouncy castle, a cheese grater, a mini sewing machine, a ladies parka, a pair of slippers and a garden hose. Ben hates going there with me because I spend about 245 hours down the aisles of random stuff and we always leave with a million things (or a million packs of Stollen if it’s Christmas time).

The Mamia Range

If you shop in Aldi (which you really should because they do amazing cheese) then you’ll be familiar with the Mamia range. They have everything you need with little ones from baby shampoo, follow on milk, nappies and wipes to toddler snacks and weaning pouches, all at a fraction of the price of most other brands so if you’re not familiar with the Mamia (where you been?!) you’re lucky because I’m about to talk you through some of our faves!

Baby and Toddler snacks

If you have a baby and/or a toddler or several then you’ll know that snacks aimed at young children are often pretty pricey and the more organic the product the more it costs. I do always like to at least try and choose organic foods for the kids, especially when Lily first started weaning but it ended up costing us a fortune, especially with organic baby fruit pouches which were one of Lily’s favourites. One of the reasons I absolutely¬†love Aldi’s toddler snack range is that they are affordable and organic so you know you’re getting the best ingredients for the best price. a few of our favourites are:

Aldi Mamia Carrot Puffs

These are nice a chunky making them perfect for those first tastes. These would also be brilliant for BLW because the bigger sized puffs are just the right size for little hands. They have lower salt content than your average crisp and they taste amazing. Even Eloise loved these and I may have nicked a few (don’t tell Lily).

Aldi Mamia Apple Biscotti

Biscotti is another favourite of Lily’s, she is a biscuit fiend and would probably live off them if she could. Again, these are the perfect shape for little hands and they’re organic which is always a bonus! I love dipping these in different kinds of nut butters for the girls and they both love them! The possibilities of these are endless, chocolate orange almond butter is a favourite in our house but you could go for peanut butter, Nutella, yoghurt,

Aldi Mamia Carrot Oaty Bars

These are great post play snacks, especially after sports or general toddler rushing around. They taste delicious and they’re packed full of healthy energy but taste like cake. Win.

Aldi Mamia Baby pouches

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, Lily is nearly 3 so what the hell is she doing eating baby pouches but we love to use them to make smoothie bowls! I add yoghurt, banana or other fruit and top it with various sliced fruits both fresh and dried, along with seeds, nut butter or honey. Lily absolutely loves them! Another great use for them is to add flavour to plain yoghurt to cut down on sugar.

We also love using them to make ice lollies which I make by following the same principle as the smoothie bowls and these were amazing during the hotter than a thousand suns summer we had this year! The greek yoghurt version are great for making frozen yoghurt drops too. They look like chocolate buttons but they’re healthy!

Nappies & Baby Changing

Aldi Mamia Nappies

Aldi nappies were our saviours back when Lily was tiny, we used quite a bit of cloth to start with but due to the sheer amount with moved about we ended up turning to disposables which for the most part were Aldi! I used them with Eloise as she got older and cloth stopped working for us and they worked perfectly for her too. They have never leaked, they’re nicely padded and are purse friendly. They’re by far the cheapest, good quality nappies I’ve come across in my parenting years although they do come up ever so slightly smaller so go up a size if you’re not sure!

Aldi Mamia Nappy Pants

These are perfect for little ones just starting to potty train or to just making nappy changing easier for wiggly older babies and toddlers. I love that these come in smaller sizes because I remember being stuck for pull up options with Eloise because she was so small. Again with these, we had no leaks and for the price, they’re brilliant.

Aldi Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes

These remind me a lot of WaterWipes although they aren’t as wet. They claim to be as mild as cotton wool and water making them perfect for hospital bags and newborn bums. Lily has terrible eczema which flares up if she comes into contact with any harsh chemicals so we have to be careful what we put on her skin but these didn’t make her skin flare up at all.

What are your Aldi favourites?

*I received vouchers in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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