November 6, 2018

Say Hello to myHummy’s Newest Addition!

myHummy Lena RRP £84.99

If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll know it’s no secret that Lily is the most nocturnal child I have ever met in my life. She slept like a dream for the first 2 months of her life then BAM! Owl baby.  I don’t really know what happened but one thing I did know is that tired had a whole new level. A little while ago I wrote about myHummy and the Fleur white noise teddy bear that they very kindly sent Lily, well, there is are some new guys on the block in myHummy world and they are so cute!

Say hello to Lena!

As myHummy send Ash, Snoozy, and friends on their way, this new collection of cuddly friends are here to take their place along with a brand spanking new app upgrade. Much like the others, these have the same idea as the good old myHummy’s with app capabilities, which by the way, is probably one of the best inventions for this sort of thing ever! No one wants to accidentally wake the baby whilst fiddling around trying to loosen their vice-like grip around the poor things neck in order to change the settings. Think regular myHummy…but softer. While our Fleur is lovely and soft, she is more of a suede material than Lena who is as soft as a thousand doves. Okay, I may not have ever touched a thousand doves to confirm this but what I’m trying to say is this beauty is super, super soft! Perfect for a delicate newborn’s skin to cuddle up to with a concealed zip so nothing to poke or prod at your little one.

What’s new?

The main difference being the portable teether heart pouch which means you can attach it to the side of your baby’s cot, their pram, car seat, anywhere you like making it easier to keep the routine of using whatever white noise setting you like to get your little one to sleep. The portable pouch also makes this little guy perfect for toddlers who like to chuck anything and everything everywhere and anywhere as well as newborns or worried parents who would rather not have anything in baby’s cot.

Machine Washable…

Like the original myHummy, it is machine washable at 40 degrees which is an absolute must with anything meant for babies or toddlers. I don’t understand why there are so many things like this on the market that are “sponge clean only” that isn’t going to go down well, I can guarantee you that. Whoever has invented sponge clean anything has clearly never tried to sponge clean shit and/or vomit off a stuffed animal before. It’s hard, trust me and no one wants to be doing that do they.

the settings…


Just like Fleur, Lena has several types of white noise: heartbeat, waves, rainfall, as well as a hair drier.


This magic little sensor picks up very slight noises or snuffles and will start playing your chosen white noise whenever your baby stirs. We love the continuous mode as I find this setting helps to block out any noises from everyone else sleeping as we co-sleep so everytime me or Ben turn over it would wake Lily (damn duck feather duvets!) but we find even out crunchy, loud as hell duvet won’t make her stir when this little guy is playing.


Again, just like Fleur, Lena can be controlled via the myHummy app straight from your phone which is perfect!


Instead of stopping abruptly when the timer ends the sound will fade in or out slowly so the change isn’t abrupt enough to wake your baby. It will also come back on at the previously set volume so no waking them that way either. They’ve really got everything covered!

After spending so long trying to get Lily to take a dummy or form attachments to toys so she would give me a bit of a break because breastfeeding a toddler literally all night is bloody hard. It got to the point where I resented breastfeeding and hated doing it so much but it was all that comforted Lily so stopping wasn’t an option really. Ever since our myHummy pals came and joined Lily’s ever-growing stuffed animal family her sleep as improved, a lot. While we still have bad nights like everyone else she has begun to self-settle on some of the occasions where she wakes in the night and for us, that is a massive improvement! She slept 7 full hours the other night which is basically unheard of! We love Fleur and Lena and both of these guys are the ones she grabs hold of for bedtimes. Fleur is still very much a favourite but Lena has fit right into Lily’s bedtime pals and they both sit side by side in her cot taking it in turns for cuddles!


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