November 2, 2018

What Lily Eats | November 2018


Fruit Toast w/ Butter

Organix Animal Biscuits

Bananas + Raspberries w/ Honey

Okay so I know I totally skipped out on last months toddler meals post, both here and on Instagram. Basically, we had one cold, then another cold and then a sickness bug so although it didn’t slip my mind, I just couldn’t be arsed. The little face cutters are from Sous Chef and I love them! They’re so great for making food more interesting for fussy eaters and they’re just all round fun. Lily absolutely loves “nanas” at the moment and will polish off a whole one with ease and raspberries come in a close second as her favourite fruits. I tend to drizzle morning fruit with honey to add that little bit of extra goodness, it’s also great in porridge or on cereal to add some healthy sweetness.


Cheese Sandwich

Mamia Carrot Puffs

Mamia Apple Biscotti dipped in Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

I love Aldi’s Mamia range, especially when it comes to baby food and toddler snacks. They have everything from fruit and veg pouches to mini rice cakes, baby crisps (which are perfect for BLW!), toddler ready meals and even oaty bars which are brilliant for mid-morning snacks or breakfasts. Even Eloise enjoyed these puffs and biscotti and practically licked through the plate. The sandwiches I used some of the cute little sandwich stamps from Sous Chef, the novelty is never lost on my kids.


Cheesy Vegetable Pie

One of the ways I get the kids eating more vegetables is to smother them in a copious amount of cheese because, well, who doesn’t like cheese? This is a mix of carrots, cabbage, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower which came in a ready prepared pack from Tesco, I cooked them and mixed it with some cheese sauce then topped with mashed potato and more cheese. This was a massive hit considering the amount of veg it has in it and I will definitely be making it again!

Another food-related thing we have been loving, well, I say food related, it’s not actually food but we have been loving it anyway. Waterwipes have brought out a new soapberry wipe and we have been using them to wipe the inevitable food mess on Lily’s face, hands, general whereabouts and they have been great! She has super sensitive skin and these haven’t upset her skin at all, not even her delicate facial skin. Top marks.

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  1. Emma says:

    That cheesy vegetable pie sounds great! I’m sure my daughter would love it

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