December 10, 2018

December Goals…

Firstly, How the hell is this year nearly a wrap? It feels like no time ago that the New Year came around and now it’s suddenly December. Is this an adult thing because I swear the years used to drag as a kid, I remember feeling like Christmas took an age to finally come by and now I blink and miss about 5 and a half years. What the hell? I also know I’m about 10 days late on this but I have been busy painting the house and dying afterwards. My neck is actual agony but it’ll all be worth it in the end right?

December Goals…

01. Smash the decorating

I don’t mean literally smash it although I will more than likely break something in the process…Probably myself. I have already painted the upstairs bathroom, living room and the kitchen so I feel like I’m well on my way to completing this goal already but I’m including it anyway. I think we have most of the colours picked out or at least have an idea of what we want for most of the other rooms all with a “go big or go home” vibe. We have gone really different for every room so far and we are hoping to keep going with that theme, ha.

02. Binge watch Luther…a lot

I’ve been looking for something on Netflix to help me procrastinate my evenings away for a while now but nothing really gripped my attention or they had one or two seasons and that was it. I found Luther about a week or so ago and I’m partway through season 2 and hooked. If you like a good police drama then this is 100% your cup of tea. John Luther is also very easy on the eye ;).

03. Eat all the cheese

Christmas without a fuck load of cheese isn’t Christmas at all. I want the Brie, Manchego, Camembert, Port Salut, Wensleydale with cranberries. I want it all. Also, I want to get in on the yellow sticker cheese boards after Christmas, every damn year I’ve gone in I’ve missed them and this year I’m determined to get one.

04. Shop Small Businesses/eco-friendly for Lily’s Birthday

It’s easy to get sucked into the Boxing Day sales but I’m trying to avoid buying from huge manufacturers for Lily’s birthday. I have a few bits already including some bits I’ve made myself which I know she will love!

05. Take some time off

I’m a sucker for punishment when it comes to getting blog work done. If I don’t get a chance during the day I will stay up until the early hours to get it done but I’m determined to get everything finished in time to have at least a few days off over Christmas. What’s betting I’m still writing on Christmas Day though, eh?

What are your goals for December?

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