December 17, 2018

Getting Sentimental This Christmas With TimeSpring

Being the massively sentimental person I am, I thought it would be a really lovely idea to make the girls a little festive video for them to watch when they are older. A window into the past, if you will. 

Now I don’t know whether you know but I love saving random stuff like cards, drawings, tickets, anything really to keep and show the kids when they’re all grown up or just to look back on myself. Ben even filmed Lily’s birth and I absolutely love watching it back even though the actual state of my general self throughout the entire thing makes me cringe inside out but it’s worth the cringing and I know it’s something I will treasure forever and it’ll be such a surreal video for Lily to watch when she’s older if it doesn’t make her cringe out of her skin too. 

I also put together a video letter to my girls which made a record number of people cry (soz) when I uploaded it onto YouTube earlier this year so I wanted to sort of chirstmas-ify that and give the girls a little insight into what Christmas 2018 looked like. You know what, I may even fish that video out of my files and send it to them when they’re older to watch through Timespring. 

Anyway, I digress – Christmas video! Stay on track Gee for goodness sake! It’s quite late as I write this and I think the mass catching up on my advent chocolates has made me a bit loopy so please bear with me. 

A Christmas Message to our girls…

I used TimeSpring (some of you may remember the review I did on their app earlier on this year) to send this cute lil video to the girls for Eloise to receive when she is 18. Lily will only be 13 but hopefully she will care long enough to get her head out of her phone or whatever it is teenagers do these days, haha. I hope they love it and it’ll be lovely for me and Ben to look back on ourselves in all those years time too. 

I hope you all liked my video and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

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