Home Education Timetable | November 2018

This month is quite a funny one, Eloise has started a distance learning course so I’ve decreased the amount of work I plan and try and incorporate her Maths and English around the course. For example, she had to design some enclosures as we did them to scale as well as estimating out on our day trip to All Things Wild where we estimated the length of the parrot enclosure. English we practised our letter writing skills by writing real letters to real people as well as a lot of writing for her course.

Home Education Timetable | November 2018 | Year 4


Week 1

Mercury fact sheet – For this, she read through her massive space book and searched on Google to fill in the fact file about Mercury.

Sugar beet experiment – As we are learning about Star’s food this month we conducted an experiment to see how quickly sugar beet changes state when water is added.

Week 2

Venus – Same as with Mercury, we lugged out the massive space book we have and she filled in the worksheet I made on Venus.

Acid & Alkali experiment – We used litmus paper to test the PH levels of a collection of different household substances from vinegar to juice. Eloise loved this experiment!

Week 3

Earth – Same as the others, big ass space book and the worksheet I made. She always comes back armed full of facts to tell me!

Sugar and water experiment – For Wold Nursery Rhyme Week we made some currant buns with Lily and made a sugar syrup to glaze them with. Eloise watched the sugar change state and then we talked about how heat changes the state of various substances.

Week 4

Mars – Same as the other weeks, simple but effective and we can look back over the fact sheets another day too. I find looking back over work Eloise has done herself helps things stick a lot more.

Animal Care

Eloise has recently started a distance learning animal care course with Woof Less Wag More and she is very excited to have started it this month! She adores animals so this is so perfect for her and although it isn’t widely recognised, the novelty of it being a “proper” course is really driving her to create some amazing work. We have expanded on the course a bit so not all of what we have done is part of the course itself but we have tried to keep it relevant to help her soak up as much knowledge as she can.

Week 1

Research horses – For the first unit of Eloise’s animal care course she needs to choose an animal/pet to complete the tasks and she chose one of our horses, Star. I have a plethora of equine books from a course I did back when I was home educated so she had been getting stuck into them!

Study Star’s food – Star is one of our horse’s and she’s getting on a bit so we decided that what she eats would be a bit more interesting than Goldie’s who is my childhood pony because he’s fat basically, so his food isn’t quite so interesting. Eloise looked at all of the different feeds in their bags and we talked about how they’re made up, how they’re stored, etc.

Create a page all about Star’s food – We collected little samples of each of her foods to stick on a piece of paper along which Eloise labelled.

Unit 1 Task 1 of Animal Care and Welfare course

Week 2

Visit All Things Wild – Eloise’s task, while we were here, was to study the parrots to help her with her distance learning assignment for this week.

Parrot enclosure – For this, Eloise wrote about the parrots’ enclosure at All Things Wild. We spoke about each of the elements we could see on the day too.

Research Parrots – We read a little bit about them at All Things Wild but there was a video to watch as part of her course so she also watched that as well as doing some online research about parrots.

Guinea Pig handling – Eloise loves Guinea Pigs, so much so that whenever we are at an event where there are Guinea Pigs she just has to give one a cuddle.

Design a parrot enclosure – For this, I chucked in a maths element and had Eloise draw it to scale and she implemented the knowledge she gained from her course to make sure all of the parrots’ needs would be met.

Unit 1 Task 2 of Animal Care and Welfare course

Week 3

Horse study – Research things to help make a horse less bored. For this Eloise took to the internet, mainly equestrian online shops to find out what toys there are for horses.

Unit 2 Task 1 of Animal Care and Welfare course

Week 4

Research a rabbits diet – Much like last month with the horse nutrition study, Eloise drew up an infographic of what she would feed a rabbit if she had one.

Unit 2 Task 2 of Animal Care and Welfare course

Wildlife & Nature

Make homemade bird feeders – For this, we threaded cheerios onto a ribbon and also went full on eco-friendly and filled empty orange peels with a lard and bird seed mix to hang in the garden. We have already had a Magpie have a good feed on the cheerio ribbons and a Blue Tit peck at the oranges.

Build a hedgehog home – During the storms we had this month, a tree fell down in the garden so while my Mum was cutting it up to move it we used the smaller branches and twigs to help pad out out hedgehog house. We used logs for the foundation and recycled an old perspex picture frame for the roof as well as hay that had fallen on the floor to make the inside lovely and warm to try and impress any potential spiky visitors.

Week 2

Blue Peter Green Badge – Eloise wanted to apply for a Blue Peter badge so she wrote about her hedgehog house and bird feeders and drew a picture of a hedgehog to send them.

Research bird nesting boxes – I have bought a nesting box for Eloise to help put up so this task is to open her eyes up a bit to when is the best time to put one up, where is the best place, etc.

Put up a nesting box in the garden – This is pretty self-explanatory but I bought a cheap, wooden nesting box off eBay for the garden. I’m hoping that something will like it and decide to set up home although Eloise will find out that in her researching that it could take a year or so for the birds to spot it.

Week 3

Plant a tree – I ordered a wild cherry tree from The Woodland Trust to plant in one of the fields. It came with lots of instructions including a tree identifying guide which was a great addition! Eloise helped with every step of this although she needed help digging the hole, obviously!

Week 4

Woodland Walk – We took Lily on a Gruffalo hunt and Eloise used fallen trees as balance beams, stomped through mud, jumped in puddles and had a whale of a time. We also collected leaves, bits of fallen fir tree and looked at various fungi.


This month we are learning about Japan, Eloise has been particularly interested in Japanese art which is why she chose Japan as this months country to study!

Week 1

Locate Japan on the map

Week 2

Research Japanese art – Eloise Google searched a tonne of different Japanese styles.

Draw a Japanese inspires drawing – Eloise chose Manga as her style and drew a portrait using pencil and pastels.

Week 3

Learn something in Japanese – Eloise found out how to count to ten in Japanese completely independently.

Research Japanese food – Eloise researched various different foods online and chose to draw some of her own cat-themed sushi to follow on from her discovering of everything kawaii.

Week 4

Draw a portrait in your chosen Japanese style – Eloise is absolutely fascinated with Japanese art and is forever drawing reems and reems of anime and manga style drawings.


I signed Eloise up to a history subscription box called Mysteries in Time, each month she gets a parcel with a theme which includes a book, activity book, colouring sheets, pencils, etc. This month the topic was Elizabethan London.

Week 1

Locate London on a map and read through the activity parcel

Week 2

Watch Horrible Histories – Eloise has loved this show since she was about 5 or 6 and has probably seen all of the episodes about 50 times but she loves watching them so we try and incorporate them into lessons for her too.

Complete Mysteries in Time activity booklet – Each month there is an activity booklet full of information, quizzes, word searches, puzzles and tonnes more.

Week 3

Look at Tudor buildings – We live pretty close to Stratford-Upon-Avon so we get to look at pretty houses quite often but we looked extra carefully this month.

Week 4

Colour in Elizabethan colouring sheets – With her Mysteries in Time box, they always get colouring sheets which Eloise (and Lily) love doing.


Mud + Bloom Box – We have been loving these boxes for the past couple of months. We were gifted the October and November boxes and I will be signing up for Decembers box because they’re just so lovely! Both girls love getting stuck in with the nature-themed crafts and planting!

Tree planting – As mentioned earlier, Eloise planted a tree this month and we plan on getting some more to plant either in the garden or the fields. I should point out that the fields are owned by my Grandparents, we aren’t just planting randomly around the village, haha.


The Pets Factor – This is one of the many brilliant educational shows on CBBC. This is perfect to support Eloise’s Animal Care course as they follow pet care as well as vet visits with various pets.

Operation Ouch – Another CBBC offering. Eloise loves this show, they really make human biology and first aid fun. One of the episodes we watched this month was about farts from exploring the intestines including showing what real guts look like (although the intestines they showed were from a pig) to talking about the chemical make up of a fart and showing experiments where they light methane bubbles to visually demonstrate potential energy from farts. I mean what kid wouldn’t find farts interesting.

Antiques Roadshow WW1 Special – This was an accidental watch before Doctor Who but Eloise found it fascinating seeing all of the different things from 100 years ago and the stories that come with them.

Brain Games – This Netflix beauty concentrates on cognitive science and focuses on illusions, psychological experiments and counterintuitive thinking. It’s interactive, always encouraging the viewers to join in with experiments and Eloise loves it!


Live music – We went to a firework display at one of our local pubs and they had some fantastic live music on. This was Eloise’s first experience of live music and she loved the massive speakers and the buzz of a live performance. Plenty of Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones!

Piano Practise – Eloise has been making lots of her own improvisations lately which I find is a great way to practice finger control as well as learning various songs including Faded by Alan Walker and the Harry Potter theme tune.

Trips out

Fireworks display – Eloise loved the live music and fireworks display at one of our local pubs. We talked about how fast a firework travels as well as the components that enable the firework to go off and health and safety around bonfires and fireworks.

All Things Wild – Another visit to All Things Wild this month to help support one of Eloise’s Animal Care and Welfare distance learning course. One of the assignments was to do with parrots so we took her there to see the parrots and their enclosure (and to see all the other animals too, obviously).


Horse care – Not your most conventional PE lesson but grooming and catching horses is quite a workout. That teamed with the sheer amount of running around that Eloise does.

Dance – Eloise is still continuing to love her weekly dance classes. They are learning a routine to the song Rise Up by Andra Day.

Go-Karting – When we spotted the go-carts at All Things Wild it was a given that we had to go on them. Me and Eloise raced each other around and she loved it! Not a PE lesson you can have at school is it 😉

Long jump – Now this is one you can do at school but probably not next to various animals? Didn’t think so, haha. This was another All Things Wild offering!


Baking – This month we made cookies using our Messy Me cutters from the baking set we were kindly sent and then later on in the month we made some currant buns with Lily for World Nursery Rhyme Week.

Palm Oil & Deforestation – After watching the Iceland Christmas advert Eloise immediately wanted to do something to help save the habitat of hundreds of animals, particularly the orangutans so we spent an entire day researching everything palm oil, we learnt about the difference between sustainable palm oil and “dirty” palm oil, the destruction caused by the plantations, statistics (which are horrifying), brands and companies that use sustainable palm oil and those that don’t.

Letter writing – Following on from our research on palm oil Eloise wrote some letters to members of parliament as well as companies to try and gain their support in ending deforestation. She also wrote a letter to The Queen but that was about WW1 and Remembrance Day.

So that’s what we’ve been getting up to in November! December will be a bit of a funny one, I don’t have anything in particular planned as such and what I do have planned is considerably less than normal over the Christmas period. I want her to soak up the magic of the season and she will have her Animal Care and Welfare course which will be more than enough for a few weeks. We don’t tend to stick to school holidays and Eloise continued to work through half term so she’s technically got a few weeks owed to her really. She will still be learning throughout his time but it will be completely unstructured and spontaneous and hopefully, we might get a few replies from our letters!


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