December 8, 2018

Mixing Home Education up with Mud + Bloom

If you’ve been following my Home Education Timetable posts then you might have seen the name Mud + Bloom crop up a few times already! When it comes to home ed you’ll have probably gathered by now that I love anything unconventional when it comes to lesson planning. Yes, we do the “boring” lessons but anything that mixes things up a bit I’m up for! This month we have been trying our best to incorporate as many outdoor activities as we can despite the weather well and truly turning after the boiling hot Summer we had. Despite the cold and rain, we have been making sure to get out and about thanks to nature and gardening subscription boxes.

Kids and the outdoors go together like Chris and Pui, Woody and Buzz, Bing and Flop, Duggee and the Squirrels, Aunt Mable and Pippin, Charlie and Lola, Sarah and Duck…You get the picture. Kids love being outside and being outside is pretty much the basis of childhood or at least mine anyway. As a kid, I spent my days outside mucking out, grooming and riding our horses and had the best time of my life. I was always exploring the fields and garden and we briefly lived in a house that backed straight onto a forest which was amazing!

Kids these days are all about the iPads, the XBOX, iPhones, Laptops, Nintendo Switches and various other gadgets and although each one has their place, so does outside play. Now, I’m not against allowing my two access to technology, they both have tablets and we have various games consoles, etc and they both love spending time playing with them but you know what they would choose to do over every single game or app they have? They would choose to play outside.

Mud + Bloom

Mud + Bloom is a monthly gardening and nature crafts subscription box for children filled with various activities to encourage children to get up and get outside. We have been testing out the October and November boxes and originally I thought they would be most suited to Eloise but Lily has enjoyed joining in with a fair few of the activities!

One thing I particularly love about these boxes are the planting activities, we had some Snowdrop bulbs in the October box and Crocus bulbs in Novembers all with information cards explaining exactly how and where to plant them, when to expect them to bloom, etc and I just think it’s such a lovely addition. I love the craft and educational elements but the fact the children get to learn how to plant things by getting stuck in and doing it themselves is a lovely skill to have. Not only that but it’ll be wonderful when they all start to bloom and they see their efforts come to life in the shape of beautiful flowers which opens up even more learning opportunities and outside activities. This is such a great way to get the kids outside in the fresh air! 

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