December 22, 2018

Top 10 Netflix Recommendations


Let’s face it, Netflix is probably the champion of TV subscription services, it has subtitles and audio description and doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money like other services (*cough* NowTV *cough*) plus the Netflix originals are where it’s at (minus 13 Reasons Why, which lets face it, was a fucking terrible idea). I have had Netflix for a good 7 years now I’d say and it’s about the only subscription service I wouldn’t consider cancelling. There is always a great selection of things to watch which are updated frequently and quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t want to know my total watch time because I’d die of shock. Anyway, enough rambling and more getting to the point. I have carefully selected my current top 10 shows on Netflix, most I have watched this year although some are some old loves of mine and I hope this gives you some inspiration on those “what the hell should I watch now” nights when you’ve just finished an epic series and are left in that slightly dazed state wishing for something new to really get into. 

My Top 10 Netflix Recommendations…

01. Dexter

Blood splatter analyst who works for the Miami Police Department takes the law into his own hands

If you’ve not watched this already then were you been? I binge watched all of the seasons in about 2 weeks after not being overly struck on it the first time I tried to watch it. If you like crime focused things then this adds a welcome twist to your regular cop show. It’s full of turns and surprises and basically, you need to watch this.

02. Breaking Bad

Chemistry teacher, Walter White, is left with some bad news about his health and turns to drug dealing to ensure financial stability for his family.

For literal years I just didn’t get the hype around this show, numerous people told me to watch it and I was like “nah, not my thing” and so I kept scrolling past it on Netflix until Ben convinced me to give it a go. He had already watched it all but he re-watched it with me midway through my pregnancy with Lily and I was hooked. Partly because I was on bed rest for some of my pregnancy but also because I was pleased to have something to watch whilst I crocheted a load of baby hats and blankets.

03. The Innocents

Two young lovers run away together from their strict households only to discover one of them has strange powers.

I have only just started watching this and I’m hooked, I stayed up until fuck knows what time watching it the first night I found it and I just want to know more and more. They have got the suspense down to a fine art leaving you gripped constantly.

04. Jane the Virgin

A budding writer, Jane Villanueva, finds her life get flip-turned upside-down when she is accidentally artificially inseminated.

Everyone I have recommended this show to has loved it just as much as I did! It’s full of surprises taking elements from your typical romance film as wells as telenovelas, crime, action, the lot all pilled into this amazingly gripping plot. You will find yourself hysterically laughings all the way through to hysterically crying

05. The Unforgotten

A crime drama following DCI Cassie Stuart working her way through historic murder cases to bring justice to the victims of unsolved murder crimes.

I’m blaming Fern for this one, we were constantly exchanging theories in our group chat when we were all watching this not long ago. If you love a good who dun it crime drama then you will love this. In my opinion, the first and second seasons are the best and the third was a bit of a flop but the ones currently on Netflix are definitely ones to watch!

06. How to Get Away With Murder

A group of law students get the opportunity to work on real legal cases with the renowned attorney, Annalise Keating. 

This is full of twists and turns, backstabbing, loyalty, love triangles, betrayal, and so many surprises. I binge watched this in a couple of days it was so good and I genuinely gave myself a headache from staring at the screen until the early hours completely hooked on the storyline! There are a lot of educational bits and bobs in this so if you like the idea of learning about law along the way then this is definitely worth a watch!

07. The Hunting of Hill House

A past a present story of a fractured family confronting the ghosts of their past

If you want to head fuck yourself before bed so much that you can’t sleep then this is the show for you. It follows a family of 7 who move into a new property, Hill House, to renovate it and sell over the summer vacation. Little do they know that they are not the only ones living there. It’s brilliantly put together, the acting is good, it’s fucking terrifying at points and you are able to connect with the characters well. 

08. Stranger Things

When a young boy disappears, terrible forces must be conquered in order to get him back.

Again, another one 99% of the population have probably heard of and if you haven’t already watched it then you absolutely need to. If you like thrillers and fantasy things then you’ll love this and with an absolutely stellar performance by Millie Bobbie Brown as Eleven this is by far one of the best series I’ve watched in terms of acting. 

09. Luther

An impulsive police detective in cat and mouse drama to bring about justice to the world.

This is another BBC offering and quite similar to The Unforgotten as it’s another police drama, I do love a good police drama! John Luther is a somewhat impulsive but amazing detective with a habit of cutting corners to bring justice to those affected by the dark side of humanity. Nothing will stand in his way to catch these criminals and with his sharp mind, John is always one step ahead. It feels a bit like Dexter at times minus the mass blood spilling (although there are a lot of times blood is spilt, just not in a plastic room, haha). 

10. The Sinner

Detective Harry Ambrose cracks the most baffling and unsettling of murder cases.

The Sinner is based on a novel and there are currently 2 seasons of but I wish there were more! The first follows a completely out of the blue, no motive murder of a beachgoer by a Mum, Cora, and everyone is completely baffled and nothing is what it seems. Harry Ambrose picks it apart until he uncovers the truth. The second follows the murders of an 11-year-old boy’s parents and again, nothing at all is as it seems. This one is perhaps the better of the two and is so well thought out. There are twists and turns at every corner and just as you think you’ve cracked it, there is a new development rendering your guess ridiculously wrong. This is probably one of the best Netflix shows I’ve watched this year!