What Lily Eats | December 2018

Breakfast (V)

Pan Fried Bananas

Drizzled with Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

Sprinkled with Granola

Firstly, the elephant plate was from Aldi a couple of years ago and Lily is obsessed with it! She was hugging it whilst I was making this for her, it was so cute. I used vegetable oil to fry the bananas but I feel like coconut oil would have been way better, I think drizzled some chocolate orange almond butter which is bloody amazing! It’s by Pip & Nut and vegan and for a vegan chocolate spread it’s really good! Even Eloise likes this stuff! The granola I used is the new Jordans Grin-Ola, they have a few flavours but this one is the strawberry one and it’s also vegan for those wondering.


[Deconstructed Halloumi + Cous Cous Salad]

Roasted Vegetable + Mushroom Cous Cous



Pan Fried Halloumi

This was technically one of Lily’s dinners but for some reason, I forgot to take a photo of her lunch throughout the whole of November so the result of that is two dinners in this months post. I’d say I’m sorry but this dinner was amazing, by far one of the best, quick and easy recipes I’ve winged by far! This would make for a great one in the Summer but in reality, I made this after spending the afternoon painting out bathroom so I really couldn’t be arsed to stand and cook anything that took ages. This took literally the time it takes to fry halloumi. Simple, filling, nutritious, ticking all the boxes.

Dinner (V)

Vegan Lemon Chicken

Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous

Bombay Potatoes

With a side of Cucumber and Crisps dipped in Cream Cheese

I can’t believe I have lived for 27 years and not made lemon chicken before. I cooked this because we were nearing the end of the week and the food in the house had got to the stage where we had to really think about what to cook and be a bit creative. This turned out to be a new family favourite and it’s definitely finding itself in our regular meals from now on because this was so nice! I used the Tesco Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces which are vegan I believe and by far the nicest fake chicken out there. I do like Quorn but it’s so awkward to cook if you don’t by it fresh which works out so expensive. This stuff you can get like 3 packs for £3 which is mad considering that one pack of chilled Quorn would set you back at least that. The bombay potatoes are something I have made before but very rarely because I hate chopping potatoes but they are so nice.

What have your little ones been eating?


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