January 27, 2019

10 Things on My Bucket List

01. Learn to drive

This is actually one of my goals for this year (and last year, but ya know). As soon as I was old enough to drive I was basically pregnant and then a single Mum so I was too skint to pay for driving lessons. Anxiety played a big part too obviously but I’m determined to do it before I hit 30. Seems like a good milestone.

02. Travel

We home educate Eloise and plan on home educating Lily so this opens up a heck of a lot of opportunities for us travel wise. No fines to worry about and freedom to go anywhere, at any time. I’d love to live in a different country for a bit even, I think it would be an amazing learning experience for the girls. I’d love to travel to France, Canada or New Zealand although I don’t think I could hack that long on a plane, haha. I’m not sure whether moving to France or moving to Canada would be on the cards for the near future but I’d love to give it a whirl someday.

03. Plant a magnolia tree in the garden

Magnolia flowers are my ultimate favourite flowers in the history of the world ever. They are just so beautiful and I have always wanted a lovely tree in the garden. They take such a long time to grow though so we will have to make sure we plant one in our forever home.

04. Get an allotment

Or a garden big enough to have a fruit and veg patch in it. I’m planning on getting a mini greenhouse for home then using the greenhouse at my Grandparent’s house to grow some bits and bobs this year. I did have a shot at growing some veg last year and was successful to a certain extent but because they were all in pots they didn’t last long not being re potted. Anyway, I’ve bought a book all about allotments and I’m ready to plant shit like I’m 65.

05. Go to Disneyland

Don’t lie, this is totally on everyones bucket list isn’t it? Lily has suddenly really developed an interest in Disney films and princesses and Eloise is just that touch too old for princesses now, she loves the films but the her love of Frozen and Tangled has fizzled out as she’s got older and it’s more gaming and dance now but I know she would love Disneyland all the same.

06. Rescue more animals

Now I don’t mean fill my house with a fuck load of pets but I want to make it a thing that whenever we look to expand our fur family to always rescue an animal rather than get one from a breeder. There are already tonnes of sad animals looking for homes and I want to always make a space for a rescue pet whenever we are looking to adopt a pet. Effie is a rescue cat and I will be writing about her story soon but basically, please check your rescue centres over breeders. I really want to re-home more challenging cats when the girls are older. At the moment Lily is a bit too young to have any nervous cats in our house but my heart breaks at all the stories of the older or more scared cats and I just want to save them all tbh.

07. Take up something new

By this I mean a class in something. I’d love to dance again but I reckon my body would actually keel over so maybe something like yoga would be better for me and my chronically lame body although I’d probably pop out a hip or something but I’d still love to do a class in something.

08. Complete a new game

I don’t think I’ve officially completed a campaign game since Call of Duty Black Ops (I really miss playing zombies in that game, the newer ones just didn’t live up to good old Black Ops. Soz). Anyway, I really want to find an amazing game and complete it because I tend to play open world these days, which I love, don’t get me wrong but I want to feel that satisfaction of finishing a game again. It’s been too long.

09. Go to an outdoor cinema

Somewhere local to us is showing an outdoor screening of The Greatest Showman and I’m dying to go. Eloise would love it too, she’s obsessed with this musical at the moment and we are always playing the songs (which are amazing by the way). I don’t think I’ve loved a musical as much as this since The Phantom Of The Opera.

10. Register to donate my organs

A pretty morbid one but I’m not going to need them once I snuff it, right? Now I’m not 100% sure whether I’ve already done this at some point but I want to do it/make sure I’ve already done it. I can’t donate blood because my veins are shit and collapse really easily and I get dizzy for ages after simple blood tests so I’d 100% pass out if I donated blood which sucks because I’m O- but I’m sure I can donate my organs even though I have HMS/EDS. Might need to double check that one.

I have a whole bunch of other things I want to do but if I listed them all I’d be here forever but I thought it’d be fun to share a few! I know I’ve scoured a lot of blogs in my time for inspiration so I hope this is not only a nice thing for me to look back on and motivate me to get these things done but also give someone some ideas for their own bucket list!

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