January 26, 2019

Decorating Our New Build | Kitchen

I think our kitchen has got to be my favourite transformation so far and funniliy enough, it was the least planned out. We had no idea what colour we were going to paint in here until the day we bought it, we had flit between a neutral mocha shade to a mossy green and finally unanimously deciding on Winter Spruce by Valspar.

I love our kitchen, having been used to tiny kitchens you couldn’t swing a cat in I was ecstatic when we moved here purely for the huge kitchen…and the hidden gas boiler, no one likes a big fat boiler out in the open looking all ugly, do they? I was also pleased for a boiler that actually works, minus the gas leak when we moved in obvs. New builds are renowned for having tonnes of shit wrong with them and this place definitely lived up for that. The kitchen alone had 4 repairs, the boiler, the kickboards, a part missing on the drain under the sink and the light outside the back door was broken. Not ideal. However, this room is still my favourite.

We painted our table and chairs back in the summer, the darker pink is Twice Shy by Valspar again, I went for a satin finish which has been reasonably easy to clean. I’ve currently got the top painted with chalk paint and I feel like this is a massive mistake! I absolutely love how chalk paint looks and I’m definitely looking to take on some up-cycling projects over the Summer and paint them with it but for the table top, I’m feeling like it’s going to be super unpractical. It already has watermarks on (Ben) and I have absolutely no idea what I can clean it with so I think I’m going to re-cover it with some fresh new fablon because at least I can anti-bac that, haha!

Wall Art

Our wall art is mainly Desenio, I say that like we have a massive gallery wall in the kitchen (we don’t) but really I have two framed posters from Desenio (which I reviewed last year), and a big ass “B” I painted on a piece of scrap wood we had lying around. That was defintely inspired by Mother of Daughters’ kitchen which is basically the kitchen of dreams to be quite honest with you. I would sell one of my organs for their kitchen, it is beaut!


>> Replace the ugly flooring
>> Possibly paint or replace the cupboard doors
>> More plants (a room can’t have too many plants)
>> Fablon the table again

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