January 9, 2019

Home Education Timetable | December 2018

This month is a bit of a strange one for us timetable wise. I normally write up a full timetable for the month and we pick and choose through that each week but this month because Eloise worked through the half term holiday during the first term she is technically owed a few weeeks if you count the up coming Christmas holiday so we are strating our time off early. Time off whilst home educating is never time off learning though, not really. We have a few topics in mind, all led by Eloise as well as the third unit of her Animal Care & Welfare course.

Katies Classroom Maths Cards – El hates maths, she can do it but she hates it so we are trying to do less focused maths lessons and just incorporate it more into her other work but these little cards are proving a great way to get her enjoying maths. Each card has a maths topic covered in whatever year group you choose (we chose year 4) and you can just read the card or you can expand on it and create an impromptu lesson. For example, El picked one about area so we then went around the house measuring different things and calculating the area. The fact these lessons aren’t pre planned seems to be working a lot better for Eloise, I think the surprise element helps a great deal so we are going to put the maths workbook on the back burner for a bit and concentrate on these cards and see how we go. 

Make your own affirmation cards – Not long ago I posted on here about some children’s affirmation cards from I Can Cards that we were very kindly sent and we loved them so much the prompted this creative, self esteem boosting lesson. 

Piano – Eloise has really taken a massive interest in playing the piano lately, she’s loving finding songs on YouTube and learning how to play them, some of her current faves are Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman as well as the Skyrim and Minecraft soundtracks and so many others I’ve forgotten all of the names, haha.

Dance – Eloise attends freestyle dance lessons every week and this month they had their Christmas Showcase too where she performed 3 dances and came away with a trophy for “most improved dancer”. She absolutely adores dance, she is always practising her moves at home and her confidence has soared since she started. I am so, so bloody proud of her. I can’t even put it into words.

Guinea Pig factsheet – For this I got El to draw a little “Piggy Pig” as Lily calls them, and find out as many facts about them as she could and fill the space around them with everything she found out.

Make dog treats – This was part of her Animal Care Course. She made star shaped biscuits with carrot, banana and cheese in them for the dogs.

Caring for animals – My family have a lot of animals, from chickens to horses and dogs to goats. Eloise helps out with the care of them quite a bit and she now has her very own guinea pigs, Honey and Sugar.

Write a list of 2019 goals – I don’t really like resolutions but goals I can deal with. For this, I asked El to write a list of things she wants to do next year. Some of these include defeating Alduin in Skyrim, learning more songs on the piano and making more friends.

Plant bulbs – Over the last month or two I have planted well over 100 bulbs and of course both girls helped. Eloise’s Snowdrops from her Mud + Bloom box that she planted back in October are beginning to poke through the soil and I’m a bit worried the frost we are due will kill them off though!

Complete Animal Care Unit 3

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