January 18, 2019

How To Make Your Cleaning Routine More Eco-Friendly

There has been a lot of talk surrounding cleaning products and how much of an effect plastics such as spray bottles, containers and pumps as well as the chemicals themselves have on the planet. Post cleaning frenzy 2018 a lot of us are having our eyes opened up to just how harmful some of these seemingly harmless everyday cleaning products can have on the environment if used incorrectly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a new cleaning product and I love nothing more than sniffing all the fabric softener (Comfort Strawberry and Lily is amazing) but there are a bunch of little things that if we all give a shot, we can make a change and, well, not fuck the planet up even more.

I’ve tried and tested some eco friendly products and swapped out some of my bits and bobs and thought it would be good to share my finds and swaps for anyone else looking to makes their cleaning stash a bit more friendly.

Find Eco Friendly brands…


Ecover is probably one of the most popular eco friendly supermarket brands, you can buy a wide array of products by them from washing up liquid to fabric conditioner and everything in between. Ok not quite everything but an eco freidnly version of most everyday cleaning producst we use in our homes.

What really stands out about this brand to me is that their new washing up bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled, 100% recyclable plastic and they are aiming to have all their bottles like this by 2020. The cap to these bottles is now uses less plastic (14 tonnes less a year to be exact) to manufacture. Not onl this but they have a special edition washing up bottle made from 50% recycyled ocean plastic which is an amazing step in the right direction!

Eco Egg

Now this is a bit of an old discovery for us as we have been using these for a while now because they are fantastic for sensitive, eczema prone skin like Lily’s. It’s essentially a little plastic egg shaped thing filled with little round beads that cleans the clothes! No harsh chemicals, kinder to the environment and some of the versions can be used up to 720 times!I have the lavendar and the unscented versions and love them both!


Method are a brand I have raved about on here many times before and for good reason. All their products are eco-friendly and are made using bio degradable plant materials. They have a wide array of products from foaming hand soaps (which are my fave) to laundry detergent. The scents are also next level amazing, the wild rhubarb scented anti bac spray and the passion fruit shower spray are little scent-gasms in a bottle, I would bathe in those smells if I could.

Use Eco-Friendly materials

By this I mean things like using reusable cloths or picking a metal or wooden draining rack over plastic and wooden handled or natural scrubbing brushes or sponges. I have a gorgeous metal Heritage cleaning caddy from Charles Bentley filled with cleaning bits all made of natural materials and not only does it look much nicer in my kitchen than my 90p plastic baskets from poundland but it’s also much kinder to the planet.

Use Natural products

Quite a few everyday household items make amazing cleaners! Here are a few natural items I use to clean my home –


Vinegar has a heck of a lot of uses from neutralising odours to cleaning windows, it really is great stuff! My favourite use for good old white vinegar is to deodourise towels and to clean my washing machine! I chuck a good cup or 2 in and put it on the hottest setting and it leaves my machine smelling super fresh and mould free! Vinegar is also great for cleaning windows and conservatory glass, the smell doesn’t linger and it leaves them streak free!

Lemon Juice

Lemons are powerful little things! From deodourising plug holes and fridges to cleaning chopping boards! I like to cut a lemon in half and leave it in my fridge to help it keep a nice fresh smell about it. I also cut a slice and place it over my plug hole and follow it up with a kettle of boiled water but my absolutely favoruite trick for good old lemons is for really getting stainless steel to shine! Rub a lemons all over your sink and draining board then rinse and buff and the shine is unreal!

Bicarbonate of Soda

Another great all rounder in the smells departments, this can also be popped in a dish in the fridge to help eliminate odours (Mrs Hinch tip ;)) but I love using it as a paste to buff the scratches out of my draining board! It’s also good for plug holes mixed with good old vinegar! Top tips from Mrs Hinch there!

Do you have any eco-friendly faves?

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