January 25, 2019

How To Use Zoflora Safely

Now ever since Mrs Hinch brought all the cleaning freaks (me) to the yard, Zoflora has become more and more popular! I think it’s safe to say that the majority of households now probably have atleast 67 bottles of the stuff and any given time. Slight exagguration…maybe. I don’t know about you but I love Mrs Hinch, there is no denying that she has helped so, so many people with not only their mental health but their homes too and she has received a lot of stick for the safety surrounding Zoflora. Stick that she didn’t deserve to be honest because even looking at the official Zoflora website, ever trick I’ve seen her do are on their safe list so take that haterz. Anyway, I have receievd quite a few messages from concerned people about my last post on Zoflora so I thought I’d address some of the no no’s I’ve come across when doing my own research.

01. When using Zoflora around pets, make sure you dilute it to the instructed measurements and ensure the surface is dry before letting your pet to walk on that area.

02. Don’t use zofola in wax burners.

03. Do not used Zoflora in your steam cleaners, irons etc.

04. Zoflora caps are easy for children to open so keep them up and away from little hands because if swallowed, it is highly toxic.

05. Do not mix with other chemicals 

06. Be aware that when undiluted, both in liquid form and it’s vapour, Zoflora is flammable.

07. Try and avoid contact with bare skin as Zoflora can irritate skin, particularly of those with sensitive or eczema prone skin so you should really consider wearing gloves if you’re going to be handling it, especially if it’s neat.

08. Use in well ventilated areas as it can cause headaches, breathing difficulties in those sensitive to highly perfumed substances or those with asthma.

09. Replace diluted bottles of Zoflora regularly as they loose their efficiency the longer they’re left diluted.

10. Do not use on your pets food bowls

If you’re not sure if you can use Zoflora for a particular job then check their website, they have a bunch of great tips and it’s always good to double check if you aren’t sure!

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