January 14, 2019

One Small Thing by Erin Watt | Book Review

This was the first book of the book club I’m part of on Instagram, ran by the lovely Rachael. Another audiobook yes, I am a little bit obsessed with audible right now although I find audiobooks a lot more expensive in comparison to your regular old paperback however I absolutely love how chilled out listening to audiobooks makes me. I picked this title up on sale for £6 so it didn’t break the bank either! Win win. Anyway, I will stop waffling and get on with my review, I still need to find the swing of these posts as this is only my second official book review post so bear with me and my waffling.

“Teach people how to treat you.” 

― Erin Watt, One Small Thing

One Small Thing

by Erin Watt

The Plot

This novel is a not so typical girl meets boy story. I say not typical because there are mega twists to your regular old teen love story. Now don’t let this being a young adult put you off, young adult stories are usually super easy to get into and I’m not ancient yet, so I can still think back to relate to certain immature reactions I perhaps would have displayed back before I had kids and my whole perspective on love and relationships changed dramatically.

Beth, a senior at high school had her life flip turned upside down after her sister died in a tragic accident. While Beth is trying to navigate herself thorugh high school and life without her big sister, her parents go next level protective by monitoring her every move and do everything in their power to keep her safe. One night, Beth rebels and sneaks out to a party in the “rough” town over from hers and enter Chase who is fresh out of juvie. They end up in bed together only for Beth to later discover that Chase isn’t who she thought he was. Both characters have a lot of demons with one huge event tying them together.

“There’s always something to live for. Something to be thankful for. Something to look forward to.” 

― Erin Watt, One Small Thing


Now, the majority of teen relationships are seeping with drama at the best of times, Beth and Chase have one hell of an elephant in the room because Chase killed Rachel, Beths sister. At first we aren’t given many details of this tragic event so I was unsure of what to think of Chase to start with but as we delve deeper and more characters emerge things start to fall into place and I strated really rooting for him. While I would probaby hate his guts for running over my sister, Beth is able to put that aside and see that it really all was an accident and that takes a heck of a lot to do, so props to her there because I’d have probably kicked him in the dick.

As you can imagine, their relationship is kept secret to begin with because Beth’s friends and parents would kill her if they found out and it would take a big event to change their minds. And big event does the author give us, now this is where I was really beginning to think “really…?” because the event that caused everyone to become hunky dory with it all was Beth’s parents nearly hitting Beth with their car and Chase pushing her to safety. Now this was probably one of the only ways the author could take the story for the ending to work but this event especially seemed really forced. The unearthing of Jeff the creepy, controlling asshole also seemed quite forced and almost a last minute decision as it was sprung on us in a very random fashion too as he was needed to play a very important part in everything working out for our Beth in the end.

My Thoughts…

Overall I was really hooked on the storyline, I found Beth annoying at times but whether that was because she was still very much a typical teenager which with hindsight I just wanted to shake her at times, unload my 28 year expereince with love and relationship onto her and help her get her shit together but to be honest, at 16 which I’m presuming is around the age she is, I’d have probably been the same. Despite this I did become really invested in Beth and Chase’s relationship and found myself wishing along with Beth that they would end up together in the end although a question I kept asking myself throughout was just how it would be feasible for them to end up together with every single odd and then some against them. They obviously do but it really seemed unbelievable until literally the very last minute.

I love the “one small thing” idea as it’s pretty similar to my favourite quote to live by which is – “every day may not be good but there is something good in every day”. I think this positive attitude on life is brilliant, as well as the way the book teaches you to follow your heart no matter what, however cheesey that sounds, folow it against all odds and Beth and Chase sure did that.

“Grow up, Beth. in the real world, bad boys are actually bad. They aren’t heroes. It’s not dope to hook up with them. Your home life problems aren’t solved with my dick. Bad boys do bad shit and eventually drag everyone around them into the same hell pit.” 

― Erin Watt, One Small Thing

I felt like a lot of the events in the book allowing the characters to end up with a happy ending seemed quite far fetched and even forced at times. The book has a pretty steady pace the whole way through until about 3/4 of the way in then suddenly about 8934 things happened at once leading them to their happy ending, it was like the author really rushed the ending, kind of like premature ejaculation in book form which was a shame but as I said earlier, I was hooked all the same and it’s definitely worth a read if you want something easy!

“That’s how I kept my sanity – I focused on one good thing instead of all the fucked-up stuff.” One small thing.” 

― Erin Watt, One Small Thing

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