January 11, 2019

Staying Cosy With ergoPouch

It’s not secret on here that Lily is borderline nocturnal. She is a weird little thing and absolutely hates having a blanket over her at night, or any other time to be honest. She will kick and strop if anything so much as brushes her toe and she is forever wriggling out from under the blanket that I put back over her approximately 5 billion times a night or getting all tangled up in it and getting annoyed. I’m sure part of the reason she wakes often is that she gets cold but she wouldn’t entertain a sleeping bag either because that would mean she couldn’t walk about…or so I thought.


ergoPouch to the rescue with their award-winning breathable, natural fibre sleep suit bags! Firstly, can I just say that the designs are bloody gorgeous. they’re so natural and soft and just remind me of tiny, delicate new babies and I just love them. We have the prints Spring Leaves which is a beautiful light pink shade with tiny little white leaf outlines and grey detailing, we have this in the 1.0 tog weight and Triangle Pops which is a light grey with yellow and white triangle and circle detailing, this we have in a 2.5 tog.

The softness and quality of the material, which is organic by the way, is second to none. I have used many a sleeping bag over my 8 and a half years of being a Mum and these are the softest by far. The arms are a jersey material, super gentle and stretchy allowing little arms to move about easily and the body part is made from beautifully soft, quality cotton. The lighter togs have short sleeves and the heavier, cosier ones have long sleeves to keep your little one extra snug.

Each sleep suit bag comes with its own little thermometer which has all the information you need on what you should be dressing your baby in for bed throughout the different seasons or other temperature fluctuations throughout the year. I remember when I had Eloise, and Lily actually because apparently, your brain falls out when you have kids, I had no idea what I should be dressing them in especially when it came to sleeping bags so this little free extra is such a great addition to help new parents out when they hit that minefield of dos and dont’s when it comes to baby’s sleep time..

Joey Trackable Comforter

Another gorgeous product from Ergopouch is this lovely little kangaroo shaped Joey Comforter! He’s so soft with bits super easy for baby to grab hold of and best of all, he has a little trackable chip inside him so he will never get lost! Made from cotton and bamboo to ensure he’s super gentle against even the newest of skin!

Overall I really love these little sleeping bags! I think the quality is fantastic and the designs are lovely! The subtleness on the colours is so beautiful and would tie in with most nurseries and not only be amazing but look amazing too! They even come with tiny little hangers to store them easily and neatly. I just love the whole concept and branding so much!

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