January 5, 2019

Thing’s I’ve Achieved in 2018

Now I want to start this by saying that this isn’t a boasting “look at me aren’t I great I’m so much better than everyone and their cat” style post. I’m not about that shit but what I am about is being fucking damn proud of the shit you do. I think there is a bit of stigma around celebrating your own achievements and we, include me, downplay stuff a lot when it comes to giving our own achievemnts the recognition they deserve, even if it’s just a pat on the back or a self high five. We shouldn’t be afraid to root for ourselves or congratulate ourselves on the things we have smashed for fear of coming across as arrogant or with an ego bigger than jupiter. So here is me, aknowledging that I have acheievd stuff this year and I’m bloody damn proud.

01. Turned my blog into a business

This one is perhaps the biggest leap of faith I took this year. I have worked bloody damn hard to drag my blog up far enough to be able to make money from it and it’s so disheartening when people whinge about ads and sponsored posts because to most bloggers, that money is paying for the meal in front of their children, that toy their little one has been desperate for for ages or just plain old boring (but important ) bills. It’s such a misconception that blogging is this super easy career where you get sent whatever you want for “just a blog post” when it’s not quite as simple as that. I’m sure there are people who put next to no effort into their sponsored content but the vast majority, or at least the people I know put their heart and soul into their work and the flack we get really isn’t fair.  Anyway. that turned into a little bit of a rant, a valid rant but not really what I came here to say (my thoughts on that are for another blog post). Basically, I’m super bloody proud that I’ve managed to create something from nothing and make it into my job.

02. Started taking bigger steps to be kinder to the Earth

I found a quote on instagram and it said –

“just because you cannot do everything, doesn’t mean that you should not do anything”

I wouldn’t say I was the worst person ever when it comes to being Earth friendly before but I certainly wasn’t as friendly as I could have been so this year I have really upped my game.

Here is a list of some of the things I’ve changed so far-

03. Planted over 100 things

Since we moved to this house I have been dying to plant everything and anything everywhere. We haven’t had our own garden before this because our first home was a first floor flat with no back garden at all and now we have a front and back garden and I am in my element. Over the Summer we grew tomatoes, chilli peppers, sweetpeas, strawberries, courgettes and an apple seedling and during the Autumn/Winter I have planted some honeysuckle, 50 daffofil bulbs, 20 snowdrops bulbs, 20 crocus bulbs and some ranunculus. We also planted a wild cherry tree in one of my Grandparents fields filled with hundreds of trees my Grandad planted when I was little.

04. Made amazing friends

Blogging friends are angels. I have found so many amazing people the past couple of years that I wouldn’t have spoken to had I not decided to relaunch this lil blog back in 2016. I owe the past year and a bit of my sanity to a small group of girls who I met through blogging. They are the most supportive little group I have ever known and I love my blog fam.

05. Challenged the shit out of my anxiety

I feel like this year has been the first time in a long time that I have felt able to really grab my anxiety like a bull by its horns and actually managed to do a whole bunch of stuff I would have only dreamed of doing last year. The last couple of weeks I have really struggled with my anxiety again and it feels a bit like I’ve taken 2 steps forward and then taken 5 back but anxiety is a bit like that sometimes and I’m trying not to feel disheartened and I’m sure after some mental resting I will be ready to take it on again.

Happy 2019 everyone! Let’s give this one our best shot.

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