January 10, 2019

Veganuary | Food Shop

I thought it would be interesting to share a little collection of things I bought in my first vegan food shop! I’m not a stranger to meat substitutes and things as I always tend to buy the meat-free mince, chicken style pieces, Quorn products and fake sausages, etc but I normally go for the Vegetarian options of things rather than vegan so a lot of these are completely new to me! These are the things I bought to try during the first week, some I’ve tried already, some I haven’t but I thought it would be fun anyways!

Quorn Hot & Spicy Vegan Burgers

These are basically vegan chicken burgers with a hot and spicy kick in the breadcrumbs. I used to buy these all the time but stopped for ages because for some reason I forgot the existed but I do bloody love these! They do have quite a kick, not blow your brains out hot but a noticeable heat to them when you start to chew although I’m told I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to spice. My absolute limit is a madras for reference and I’d say these have the kick of a balti maybe.

Wicked Kitchen Red Velvet Brownie

This was my birthday cake for this year because my birthday fell straight on day 2 of Veganuary. It’s described as a “velvety chocolate brownie with rich melting raspberry ganache and cocoa bling bling”. The bling bling are metallic cocoa nibs which are tiny and super hard to chew tbh but the brownie itself is really nice. It’s a lot harder and more dense than a regular brownie and not as sweet but it was good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the raspberry ganache though but thats because I don’t particularly like chocolate and raspberry together anyway.

Cauldron Organic Tofu

I’ve never had tofu before, or at least if I have I don’t remember. I really want ot have a shot at making scrambled tofu. I have no idea how to do this but Google will be my friend I’m sure.

Tesco Low Fat Houmous

This isn’t a new vegan find I just fucking love houmous. I think the low-fat one tastes nicer but my ultimate favourite was the seeded one Tesco used to do but I’ve not been able to find that in an age.

Bol Mediterranian Roasted Veg

This was on offer for £2 at Tesco and it looks like a nice, super quick meal because you just bung it all in a pan basically. I think this might be nice in a wrap or something too, maybe even a burrito or a taco or anything else Mexican food related. Think I need to eat some nachos or something to get my Mexican food cravings out of my system, haha.

Cauldron Foods Falafel

Another old vegan find, I bloody love a falafel. I think these are my favourite out of all of the falafels ive ever tried, they’re driers than frozen ones though which I think some people don’t like. I love these cold in pastas or in sandwiches. One of my faves for these is cold pasta with moumous mixed in and these crumbled on top. Nice af.

Vivera Veggie Smoky BBQ Pulled Veggie

Well, this looks absolutely nothing like the photo in real life. In the photos it looks like a loose, pulled pork type deal or at least that’s what it looked like on the website. It came as a kind of semi solid brick. I’m yet to try this because quite frankly it looks a bit like a tray of dog food but I’m not going to judge it by it’s looks because I have tried the Linda MacCartney veggie shredded hoisin duck which I presume is the same kind of idea and loved it but yeh, it doesn’t look that great.

Wicked Kitchen Charred Pineapple Cake

This shit was next level amazing, I think I might actually like it more than regular cheesecake which is the closest none vegan thing it resembles. It’s got a biscuit base then a cheesecake like middle, thin jelly layer on top and then it’s scattered with charred pineapple which sounds fucking amazing on its one tbh. 100% would eat again.

Hellman’s Vegan Mayo

This shit is amazing, if someone had given me this without telling me it was vegan I wouldn’t have had a clue. It tastes like the real deal, looks like the real deal although it is a touch more expensive than your regular eggy mayo.

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Country Pies

Now I know these say vegetarian but they are actually vegan and we have had these a bunch of times before and liked them. Eloise is number one fussy eater and even she loves them! They taste a bit like farm to me but maybe that’s just me being fussy though but these are quite tasty little thangs.

Violife Cheese

This is a bit plasticky on it’s own but I do really love it in sandwiches, I like a bit of mild cheese and this has a super mild flavour to it. It grates well but doesn’t melt amazingly, it will melt but have a weird slightly dry crust to it and it feels a bit like youre eating a melted lunch box and it cats your teeth a bit which is weird and a bit gross tbh. I do like this a lot on crackers, in sandwiches, wraps etc but melted on things like pizza it’s a no.

Vivera Veggie Steak

These look kind of gross, I hate that weird vacuum packed plastic shit it’s makes all food look a bit gross tbh but I’m excited to try these! They claim to taste like a normal steak which I can’t comment on because I’ve never actually had a steak before outside a salad or sub from Subway (which I don’t think counts tbh). I’d have thought the use by date would have been longer than a week though because they’ve been vacuum packed but they’re suitable for home freezing but there are no instructions to cook from frozen which is a bit weird.

Wicked Kitchen All The Rage Rolls

These are mushroom and kale and tbh, I’m a bit worried I won’t like them. I have tried another brand of kale and mushroom sausages (asda I think?) and they were not for me, at all. They were the saddest sausages I’d ever seen but I’m going to give these guys a chance.

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Roast

Normally we go for Quorn roasts but because the have egg in we went for this! I’ve never seen it before but it sounds really nice! Looks a little weird, kind of like a nut roast or a meatloaf or something but it sounds nice all the same.

Other vegan finds

M&S Plant Kitchen Butternut Squash and Tabbouleh Wrap.

Right then, I couldn’t finish this post off without mentioning this absolutely amazing M&S wrap I grabbed the other day. It’s from their Plant Kitchen ranges and oh my GOD it is insane. I never normally buy pre packaged sandwiches but this baby I will be picking up every time I go in because honestly, it was amazing. Even Ben liked this and he automatically turns his nose up at anything I say is vegan. He’s basically that video of the dog eating spinach.

Alpro Coconut Milk

Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by coconut milk? *puts hand up*. Bloody hell this shit is vile, I really struggle with plant milks because they’re just, well, really gross. I put this on some weetabix and the taste wasn’t too awful but the texture is exactly like newborn baby sick and I felt sick for ages, not just a bit nauseas, like I was going to hurl kinda sick. Gross gross gross……gross.

So I think that’s everything minus some accidentally vegan things like pringles, lotus biscuits, dark chocolate, etc. I hope this is helpful to someone and if you have any plant milk suggestions that don’t tatse like ass, hit me up.

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