January 21, 2019

What to Plant in your Garden | Month by Month Guide

Gardening has always been something that has interested me, my surname is Gardner after all so I figured that now I finally have my very own gardens I better pull my green finger out and get planting. I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful plants and loved watching my Grandad tend to my Grandparents land I’ve longed for my very own space to cover in blooms. While I’m quite a beginner with all this, with last year being the first year I really started properly planting things so I’m no gardener really but I’m learning and I’m excited about this Spring! I have planted so, so many bulbs over the winter and I can’t wait to see them all pop up when the weather warms up although weeding is not my favourite, I’ve even considered looking at hiring some cheap gardeners just to pull up the bloody thistles out of the bark around our hedge.

I am also soon to be injecting some life back into my Grandads greenhouse which I an v excited about, I have so many plans for all the veg I want to grow in there, I’m also hoping to find myself a little allotment because our gardens aren’t quite big enough to be digging up really although I’ve dug a border around it but any more than that would eat to far in really.

I have put together a little guide to what and when to plant various different and amazing fruits and vegetables and I can’t wait to get started! I thought it would be nice to share what I’d learnt to maybe inspire someone else to get muddy and take up gardening.

What to Plant in your Garden | Month by Month Guide


Bare Rooted Trees and bushes

As long as the soil isn’t frozen you can plant bare rooted, dormant trees this month.


Garlic and Shallots are a good shout for February!

Plant the garlic clovers about 2 inches apart and leave the shallot bulbs just at the soils surface.


Lots of greens!

Sow your broccoli and brussel sprouts ready to plant out next month and sprinach, carrots, parsnips, lettuce, spring onions, peas, in rows in the open ground. Don’t forget to plant out yout garlic and shallots before they grow shoots.


More greens and Potatoes!

Chit and plant out early potatos in the first half of the month and maincrop int he second half. Carry on with your veg liek cauliflower, lettuce, leeks, radish, turnip, spring and pickling onions too and take advantage of the lighter evenings.



Keep on sowing your sow kale, spinach, fennel, Swiss chard, etc which can all be sown outside although it’s probably best to cover them if it’s a particularly cold night. Cucumbers are my fave for this month! They can be sown outside too!


Pumpkins, winter squash and runner beans

Pumpkins and squash can be sown indoors earlier in the year but can be sown outside now. This month is your last opportunity for a late crop of runner beans too if they tickle your fancy.



This month is your best month to sow cabbages for the Spring! Lots of coleslaw is in order!



Plant strawberries as soon as they become available to buy in garden centres and make sure to plant them in soil that you haven’t had strawberries before to keep them happy.


Peaches and Cranberries

Peaches can be planted at any time but this month through to December is best. Cranberry bushes can be planted out now although they need acidic soil so they may be best in troughs where you can treat the soil.


Gooseberries and Rhubarb

Plant bare rooted gooseberry bushes this month along with any currants you wish to grow. Rhubarb plants will be dormant now until early spring making this the best time to plant new sets or re plant old crowns.


Blackberries and Raspberries

These are my favoruites! Plant blackberry and raspberry canes around now in holes or trenches filled with nice well rotted compost


Fruit trees and bushe

This month is great to plant bare rooted fruit trees and bushes, make sure you clear all the weeds and prepare the soil before hand.

Happy planting everyone!

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