February 4, 2019

Big Game Hunters Evermeadow House | Review

For the longest time I have wanted a playhouse for the garden, in fact, I wanted a playhouse when I was a kid. Nothing fancy, just a cute little wooden house to have tea parties in or to eat our tea in during the summer and it’s been something I have been dying to get for the girls but I’m terrible for writing lists and lists of things I want to do/get and I never remember or somehow we just never get round to it. You know how it is.

Evermeadow House

Evermeadow House is a beautiful wooden playhouse aimed at children 18months and above making it the perfect size for younger kids and even more perfect for smaller gardens so when Big Game Hunters asked me if I’d like to test out their Evermeadow House I obviously jumped at the chance. I knew immediately Lily would love it but I was a bit worried about how the heck we were going to put it up and treat the wood before the apparent snow we were forecast was due. Well, spoiler, I did manage it and the snow is yet to arrive.

Building it…

I must admit, I thought it was going to be really bloody difficult to build, I had visions of nail after nail and about 10 million bits of wood I needed to slot together and hammer into place.

Luckily I was very wrong and it came like a normal flat pack with numbered pieces and screws all sorted into bags. The instructions were pretty simple to follow, I’m not terrible at flat packs but I’m not the best at holding things and screwing but I actually managed to put it all together myself, on my own with 2 kids running around me. Eloise did help hold the larger pieces in place while I secured them but it was mostly done by me. It does state that it needs 2 people so if you have someone to help you it’ll be even easier.


The design is simple, but effective. There are two cute little functioning windows already made using perspex so no worrying about glass areound the little ones and it’ll still be easy to look out of and clean. The wooden pieces are screwed together although a few largers pieces are tongue and groove and slotted in to each other as well as screwed in place making it super sturdy. The floor I believe is sold spereately and that is basically all ready to go out of the box. All you have to to is place it on the floor, put the house on top and screw them together and that’s it sorted.

Size wise it’s perfect for toddlers, Eloise is 9 this year and can just about stand up straight in the middle and I can just about fit in too but I have to crouch for sure but this house would be best for toddlers/preschoolers. That being said, Eloise loves playing with Lily in it so the size doesn’t hold back older kids at all.

It’s pretty lightweight meaning it’s easy to move about if you need to but stil heavyvy enough not to get blown away (I hope). Me and Ben were able to pick it up and shift it about to where we wanted it although it will be moving up the garden in the summer when the grass isn’t as wet which will be easy enough to do.

Painting it…

Because the wood is unfinished it is advised that you treat the wood or paint it to keep it weatherproof. I chose to paint ours, pink obvs although the colour online was a lot less bright than it turned out but Lily loves it and that’s what matters I guess, haha. It is very pink though I must say.

I’m hoping to make it less pink and more rainbow in the near future along with some window boxes and a little table and chairs in there at least. At the moment the inside is pretty bare but there is more than enough space for a kids table and I’m so excited for the Summer! Lots of tea parties on the horizon I think and I’m currently hitting Pinterest for a load of play of ideas!

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