February 5, 2019

February Goals…

With January finally coming to a close after approximately 5637 days we now appear to be back to time wizzing by so fast I can blink and a week has past. Don’t know if that’s just me but time goes so fast these days it’s borderline scary. Okay more like terrifying to be honest. Anyway, January brought a new addition to our household in the shape of a little pussycat called Effie, more on her soon. We were also blessed with a cold that Lily graced everyone with I also turned 28 which is also terrifying and Lily turned 3, triple terrifying. So much has happened and I feel like I’ve not got a lot done this month even when I actually have, I think it’s because January just dragged SO HARD. I’m waffling now so I will shut up and get to the point of this post which is this month’s goals!

01. Take Lily to Forest School

I’m trying to actively get the kids outside even more this year, I mean they’re outside a lot anyway but I think it’s so important for kids to get out in the fresh air! There is a new forest school type group for kids Lily’s age and I’m hoping to take her along because I’m sure she will love it and it’ll give her a chance to socialize with children of a wider range more too!

02. Walk more

I ticked off one of my 2019 goals already and got myself a Fitbit. I got the Charge 3 although I did originally want with the light pink Alta HR or the lavender Charge 2 but neither were in stock in my town so I went for the grey and rose gold Charge 3 purely because I’m impatient and wanted it the same day, haha. Anyway, I now have a step counter on my wrist so I have no excuse now not to get up and get walking even if that’s just around the house. I’ve found out I rack up quite a few thousand steps just pottering about cleaning the place so it shouldn’t be too hard! Famous last words and all that though.

03. Do more Instastories

I’ve really been falling out of love with Instagram lately, maybe it’s the algorithm, maybe it’s because I never see anyone I want to see anymore despite having a huge clear out or maybe Instagram is just a pile of shite, who knows. I’m going to try and do more stories because I do really enjoy doing them I just feel like my life is pretty boring but I guess everyone feels like that about their own norms. Anyway, I figured this would be a good one to try and reignite my love of Instagram. Or make me hate it more, only time will tell.

04. Bake more

For ages now I’ve put all my spare time into my blog and this year I’m really trying to take a step back and basically not work myself into the ground. I know people sneer and piss take bloggers because apparently blogging isn’t a real job (lol) which by the way is quite frankly total bullshit and if you’re doing it right then it really does take up a lot of time. Anyway, I’m trying to take more breaks to relax or just do stuff thats not cleaning the house, running around after people or working and this month, baking is gunna be part of those breaks. I’m ready to get fat because I have a shit tonne of cakes and things I want to bake and they ain’t healthy let’s just say that.

05. Share my blog post more

I suck at sharing my posts, I feel like I’m bothering people or just genuinely don’t get round to it but as my super wise friend Fern said once “shy bairns get no sweets”, in a totally unrelated conversation but nevertheless it resonated with me like little Northern bells of wisdom in my mind. I think I’ve worded that saying right, soz Fern if I butchered it.

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